QO-1, an export version of the UO-1 for Cuban Army Air Service in 1929

QO- 2 for Cuba the -1 featured a Wright J-3 engine and the two had a Wright J-4 engine

Anothe UO-1 was sent to Peru, UO-1P

An O2U aircraft designated O2U-1A was exported to Argentina

Cuba purchased three of the O2U-1As to replace the QO-1s

Brazil received O2U-2As and Peru received 6 O2U-1Es and 1 O2U-3B

The Japanese purchased three O2Us and with the plans that came with them manufactured 150 of the Nakijama Type 90 Model 2 seaplane


O2U ID for China

O2Us for Cuba

O2U-2M for Mexico(12)

Mexican pilots, Commanders and Consul General ready to take Corsairs from Mitchell Field in New York to Mexicoin 1929. These were the first armed aircraft of another country to fly over US soil.


O2U-4A built under license by Juan F. Azcarate S en C Mexico, Mexico bought 12 O2U2-Ms

Azcarte O2U-4As

Azcarate Corsarios (O2U-4A)

. Azcarate Corsario (O2U-4A)

Canadian O2U

O2U - 2 SD for Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic today) (2)

V-50 Company Demonstrator

V-65 CD at Hangao airdrome in Shanghai, China

Chinese Corsair, note camera

V-65 from Cleveland ModelersPainting

V-65B for Brazil with a Hornet C 600hp engine, Colt MG-40 7 mm guns, 15 ordered, 1932

Eight V-66 Bs were shipped to Brazil in 1932, they featured a gun equipped rear seat.

V-65C (China)

V-65C (China)32 built, 1934.

the V--65C1 is a replica of the plane that was captured from the Nationalists by the Communists and named the "Lenin".

The Chinese built a number of this model under license.

V - 65 F (Agrentina)

V- 65 F Seaplane

V-65F on Argentine Lake


V-65F for Argentina with P&W Wasp 550hp engine, MG-40 Colt machine guns, 11 built, 1933

One built as a V-65F-1, it had a exhaust collector ring, a radio and heavier machine guns

V-66E one built in 1933 for England. It had a P&W Wasp 500 hp engine

V-70A Company Demonstrator

V-80 Demonstrator with P&W Hornet T1C-1 700 hp engine, four machine guns and two bomb racks

V-80P (Peru)

Pilots of the Peruvian Army and Navy Air Force with their new V-80Ps

Note the machine gun barrels on the top wing, there are two more under the Cowl.

V-80P (Peru)

V-85G (Germany) called the "Kurier" with P&W Hornet SD 675hp engine, used to bring mail from the liners Bremen and Europa to shore, six built, 1934. To read more of this mail service follow this link >

For more indepth information that inludes early naval aviation advances that led to catapult mail on the liners and some great early photographs, go to this link >

V-85G with German markings

V-85G aboard German Cruiser Koln

V-90 Export Demonstrator with P&W Hornet engines, 1934


V92C, China with Hornet T2D1 700hp engine 20 built, 24 delivered, 1934


V93S Thailand (Siam)

Equiped with Pratt & Whitney "SD" Hornet, 12 delivered 9 observation V-93S and 3 V-93 S As (Attack), 1934

In 1936 the Thai Aeronautical Department built 25 V-93SAs under license, in 1937 they built 25 more and in 1950 built 50 V-93SAs

Equipped with five 8mm Vickers Class E machine guns


Some sources show the Thais or Siamese, as they were known at the time, built 72 V-93SAs in their national factory rather than the 100 reported above by the Royal Thai Air Force Museum

V93S with Hornet engine

V97 for Mexico with a P&W Hornet 700 hp engine

V-99Ms for Mexico with Wasp 550hp engine, 9mm Colt MG-40 machine guns, 10 built, 1937

They were also built under license in Mexico

V-99M in service with Mexico

V-100 Corsair Junior

V-135 Company Demonstrator

The next section is a visual comparison of all aircraft mentioned in a discussion about the V-143

Northrop Alpha

Northrop Beta

Northrop Beta 1

Northrop Gamma

Northrop Gamma 2a

The Northrop Gamma led to the XFT-1 which then led to the XFT-2 which was said to be the basis of the Northop 3A which Vought turned into the V-141 and then the V-143 both of which lost out in competitions with the Curtiss P-36 and the Seversky p-35

Seversky P-35A

Curtiss P-36A

In 1939, the Japanese bought the V-143 as well as a P-35 and a P-36 and some said they were used in the development of the Zero

Northrop XFT-1 said to be antecedant to the Northrop 3A



Northrop XFT -1, 3 View

Northrop XFT-2

Became the Northrop 3A

Northrop 3A

Northrop 3A 3 View

Vought V-141

V 143

V-156B1 (SB2Us) for England where they were called Chesapeakes

SB2Us were also made available to France as the V-156F

V-165 (Argentina) Landing in Dock Area of Buenas Aires

V-165Fs(Argentina)14 were delivered in 1936

One V-156 was made into a company plane and given an engine upgrade and designated the V-167

Not a Corsair and not a "V" designated model number, but the OS2U-3 saw service in many countries including,: Argentina, Australia, Chile, Cuba, Dominican Republic, England, Mexico, Russia, The Netherlands and Uruguay.(Go to Observation Photos to see them)

The SB2U saw service in England and France.

The F4U Corsair was exported to Argentina, England, France, and New Zealand. Later Honduras and El Salvador flew F4Us.

F-8 Crusaders have served under French and Phillipine colors and the A-7 Corsair has flown for Greece, Portugal and Thailand.

Go to the Fighter Section to see the F4U and F8 photos, the Observation Section to see the OS2U photos, the Scout Section for the SB2U Vindicator and the Attack section to see the A-7s in foreign colors.

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