Appendix IV

Other Celts In Ireland

he earliest Celtic name for a group in Ireland, not yet discussed, is the Pretani which was a name the Romans used to describe the inhabitants of the Pretannic Isles, Albion (Britain) and Iverna (Ireland). Later the term, Pretani, was used to describe just those inhabiting Albion (they spoke P-Celt) and the term Cruitin was used for those inhabiting Inverna who used the Q-Celt language. The Pretani peoples later became known as the Picts.

There were many other Celtic tribes who landed in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Britain. A list of the tribal names is in the next appendix. These people usually cut out an area for themselves and then ran it autonomously but subjugated to the formal overall tribal structure of Ireland which featured chieftains who controlled given areas who in turn owed allegiance to a lord who in turn pledged allegiance to a king. There were many kings in Ireland but only one High King (Ard Righ). This arrangement was also true when non-Celt groups invaded Ireland such as the Norwegians and Danes. There were disputes at all levels, especially when the bottom of the chain was stronger than the top.

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