Appendix V

Names of Celtic Tribes

A location(s) is given for the tribes, but remember they frequently migrated or where nomads so that they may have been in more places than that shown. The name of Irish family groups are also shown in the maps of Ireland section in the Maps Appendix. The names without locations shown are named in the literature as allies or enemies of a tribe without their location being given. Most of the names came from Greek and Roman sources, especially Julius Caesar. Secondary sources most used include The Celts, by Gerhard Herm, The Celtic World, by Barry Cunliffe and Romans and Aliens by J.P.V.D. Balsdon.

There are maps below that indicate general areas tribes were located, keeping in mind that some of the tribes moved.

Celtic Tribes in Ireland follows this list.

NAME- LOCATION(S), And/Or Some Remarks


Aduatuci- L Meuse R.

Aeduii- Mid-France, between Loire and Saône R.


Allobroges- SE France near Lake Geneva

Ambarri- Mid-France kinsmen of Aedui

Ambiani- N France, near Amiens

Ambiliati- Allies of Veneti

Ambisontes- Alps

Ambivareti Subtribe of Aedui

Ambivariti- N of Meuse R.

Ambrones- Denmark, France, Central Europe

Anacalites- SE England

Anari- S. Po

Anartes- near Danube

Andes- N lower Loire R.

Aquitani- Aquitania S of Loire

Aremorican- Brittany

Arevacians- N Spain


Arverni- S France (Auvergne Mts.)

Atrebates- S England, N France

Atuatuci- France

Aulerci- S France

Ausci- Aquitanian tribe

Batavi- Rhine delta

Belgae- SW England, Belgium


Bellovaci- N France

Bibroci- SE England

Bigerriones- S France

Biturges- Mid-France, Bourges

Boii- M France, N Italy, Austria, S Germany

Breuci- Yugoslavia

Brigantes- N England

Britons (Britanni)- S England

Cadurci- SW France

Caereni- N Scotland

Caeroesi- Germanic

Caledones- N Scotland, Pictish

Caletes- NE France

Cantabri- N Spain coast

Carnuni- Alps

Carnutes- Mid France, SW of Paris, Orleáns

Cassi- SE England

Catalauni- N France

Caturiges- N Italy

Catuvellani- Mid-England

Celtae- Latin plural for Celts

Celtiberi- N Spain

Celtiberians- Group of tribes in Portugal & Spain

Cenimagni- SE England

Cenomani- Verona

Ceutrones- N Italy

Cimbri (Cimmerians?)- Denmark, Black Sea, France, Asia Minor

Cocosates- Aquitanian tribe

Condrusi- Germanic

Coritani- E England

Cornovii- N Scotland, Mid-England, Cornwall

Cotini- Czech Republic

Creones- W Scotland

Curiosolites- French W coast

Daci- Mid Balkans

Daesitiates- Yugoslavia

Damnonians- West Ireland

Damnonii- S Scotland

De Danann- Denmark, Ireland

Dardani- S Danube

Deceangli- N Wales

Decumates- S Germany

Delmatae- Yugoslavia

Demetae- W Wales

Diablintes- Veneti allies

Dorians- Celt like, Greece

Dumnonii- Cornwall, England

Durotiges- SE England

Eburones- Namur, France

Eburovices- N France

Elusates- Aquitanian tribe

Epidii- W Scotland

Eravisci- Hungary

Esubii- France W coast

Gabali- Near Averni

Gaesatae- N Italy

Galatians- Gallacia, Turkey not a tribe a general term

Galacians- Galacia, Spain perhaps the same as next

Gallaeci- Gallacia, Spain

Garumni- Aqutianian tribe


Geidumni- Nervii Subtribe


Grudii- Nervii subtribe

Harudes- Denmark, Central Europe - Germanic

Helvetii- Switzerland

Helvii- Switzerland

Heraclids- Celt like, Greece

Iceni- E England

Insubres- N Italy, Milan

Laii- N Po

Latovici- Switzerland

Lemovices- North of Limoges, France

Lepontii- N Italy

Leuci- SE France

Levaci- Nervii subtribe

Lexovii- Normandy

Libici- N Po

Ligurians- N Italy, assimilated

Lingones- SE France, E Italy

Lusitanians- Portugal, Celtiberians


Maeatae- Scotland

Mandubii- NW France

Marcomanni- Austria - Germanic

Mediomatrices- Alps

Meldi- E Paris

Melisians- Ireland

Menapii- Belgium, France

Morini- NE France, Artois

Namnetes- Brittany, France

Nantuates- Alps

Nemetes- S Germany - Germanic

Nervii- Belgium, France

Nitiobriges- SW France



Novantae- England

Ordovices- Wales

Osismi- Brittany, France

Pannonii- Hungary

Parisii- Mid-England; Paris, France


Picts- W Scotland

Pictones- Western France

Pirustae- near Illyria

Pleumoxii- Nervii subtribe


Pretani- England

Ptainii- Aquitanian tribe


Raurici- Salzburg area

Redones- Brittany, France

Regni- SE England

Remi- N France, Belgium

Ruteni- S France

Saluvii- S France

Santones- W France

Scordisci- Yugoslavia

Seduni- upper Rhône

Segontiaci- SE England

Segusiavi- Lyons

Selgovae- N England

Senones- Mid - France, N Italy

Sequani- SE France

Sibuzates- Aquitanian tribe

Silures- S Wales

Sontiates- SW France

Suessiones- N France

Suetri- Alps

Suevi not a tribe, a sacral association of Celts (Langbards, Macromanni, Quadii and Senones)

Sugambri- France

Taezali- E Scotland

Tarrbelli- Aquitanian tribe

Tarusates- Aquitanian tribe

Taurini- Piedmont

Taurisci- Yugoslavia

Tectosages- Galatia, Turkey, Toulouse

Tencteri- France - Germanic

Teutani- Another name for Teutones

Teutones- Denmark, Central Europe -Cimbri, France

Tevrisci- Slovakia

Tigurini- Bordeaux


Tolistobogii- Galatia, Turkey

Tolosates- N Italy

Treveri- S Germany, Belgium

Trinovantes- S England

Tricasses- N France


Trocmi- Galatia, Turkey

Trumpilini- Alps

Tulingi- NE of Helvetii

Turones- Near Tours, France

Ubii- N Rhine, France

Umbrians- Apennine peninsula, Mid Italy

Usipetes- France - Germanic

Vangianes- France - Germanic

Veliocasses- Lower Seine R.

Velnani- Alps

Vendelici- S Germany

Venelli- Normandy

Venetii- Brittany, France

Venicones- E Scotland

Venoti- Alps

Veragri- Alps

Vindelici- Manching

Viromandui- NE France

Virusii- Alps

Vaccaei- Portugal, Celtiberians

Vocates- S France

Voconti- SE France

Volcae- S France

Volcae Arecomici- SE FRance

Volcae Tectosages- Czech Republic

Votadini- S Scotland

Celtic Tribes In Ireland

Amalgado - Killala area, Mayo

Baiscin - W. Clare

Cairpre Gabra - Mide

Cairpre Dromma Cliab - Carbury

Calraige - Ardagh, Carbury, Ballymote

Carbri Riada - Antrim & Alba (Dal Riada)

Carbris - NE Sligo, N Leitrim

Cenél Maine - Lough Forbes

Cenél Fiachach - Durrow

Chera - Castlebar, Mayo

Ciarraige - N River Suck

Ciarraige Airtig - W Lough Gara

Clann Cholmáin - Mide

Colla DaCrioch -

Colla Uais -

Colla Maen -

Conmaicne Cúile Tolad - E Lough Mask

Conmaicne Mara - Connemara

Conmaicne Réin - Carrick-on-Shannon

Corca Mruad - Burren

Corco Moga - W River Suck

Corco Fir Thri - W Lough Arrow

Cuircni - E Lough Ree

Dagda - Inishowen

Dal Cais - Previoulsy known as Deisi, Dalcassians - Thormond

De Danann -

Deagades - Subtribe of Earnaan - Munster

Delbna Bethra - Clonmacnoise

Delbna Nuadat - W Lough Ree

Delbna - Iar Connacht

Earnaan - Lough Erne, Kerry

Eberians - South Ireland

Eremonians - North Ireland

Fir Bolg - Fir Domnann, Domnanians - Erris

Gailenga - Bohola, Mayo

Gamanrad - Glenamoy, Mayo

Grecraige - N Lough Gara

Ithians -

Locha - Iar Connacht

Luighe - W Cork

Luigni - Sligo

Máenmag - S Lough Rea

Mag Réin - E Lough Bofin

Mag nAi - Baslick

Mag nAirtig - S Lough Gara

Mag Luirg - S Lough Key

Medraige - Clarinbridge, Galway

Melisian - All of Ireland

Musciri -

Mruadh -

Muiresc - Inniscrone, Sligo


Osraige - Munster

Partaige - S Lough Mask

Partholonian -

Rudricians - Ulster

Sodhan - Ui Maine country

Sogain -

Tethbae- E River Suck

Ui Briuin Breifne - Leitrim

Ui Ailello - Boyle

Ui Briuin Sinna - W Lough Ree

Ui Failgi - Offaly

Ui Neill - Ulster

Ui Fiachrach Mauide - N Lough Conn

Ui Briuin Umaill - Between Westport and Newport, Mayo

Ui Fiachrach Aidne - Kiltartan

Ui Briuin Seóla - Belclare, Galway

Ui Maine - S Connacht

Ui Briuin Ai - Central Connacht

Ultach -


From Wikipedia -

Gaul is approximately modern Belgium, France,and Switzerland. At various times it also covered parts of Northern Italy and North central Spain. Gaul included both Celtic speaking and non-Celtic speaking tribes.
List of peoples of Gaul (with their capitals/major settlements):
Aedui - Bibracte
Allobroges - Vienne
Ambiani - Amiens
Andecavi - Angers
Aquitani - Bordeaux
Atrebates - Arras
Arverni - Gergovia
Baiocasses - Bayeux
Boii - Boui near Entrain
Boii Boates - La Tête de Buch
Bellovaci - Beauvais
Bituriges - Bourges
Carnutes - Chartres
Catalauni - Châlons-en-Champagne
Cenomani - Le Mans
Ceutrones - Moûtiers
Curiosolitae - Corseul
Helvetii - La Tène
Lexovii - Lisieux
Mediomatrici - Metz
Medulli - Médoc
Medulli - Vienne
Menapii - Cassel
Morini - Boulogne-sur-Mer
Namnetes - Nantes
Nervii - Bavay
Parisii - Paris
Petrocorii - Périgueux
Pictones - Poitiers
Raurici - Kaiseraugst (Augusta Raurica)
Redones - Rennes
Remi - Reims
Santones - Saintes
Senones - Sens
Sequani - Besançon
Suessiones - Soissons
Tigurini - Yverdon
Tolosates - Toulouse
Treveri - Trier
Tungri - Tongeren
Turones - Tours
Unelli - Coutances
Vangiones - Worms
Veliocassi - Rouen
Vellavi - Ruessium
Veneti - Vannes
Viducasses - Vieux
Viromandui - Noyon
Vocontii - Vaison-la-Romaine

Cisalpine Gaul

Cisalpine Gaul (Latin: Gallia Cisalpina, meaning "Gaul on this side of the Alps") was the Roman name for a geographical area (later a province of the Roman Republic), in the territory of modern-day northern Italy (including Emilia-Romagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol and Veneto), inhabited by the Celts.

Sometimes referred to as Gallia Citerior (Hither Gaul), Provincia Ariminum, or Gallia Togata (Toga-wearing Gaul, indicating the region's early Romanization). Gallia Transpadana denoted that part of Cisalpine Gaul between the Padus (now Po) and the Alps, while Gallia Cispadana was the part to the south of the river.

The province was governed from Mutina (modern-day Modena), where, in 73 BC, forces under Spartacus defeated the legion of Gaius Cassius Longinus, the provincial governor.

The River Rubicon marked its southern boundary with Italia proper. It was the crossing of this river in 49 BC by Julius Caesar, with his battle-hardened legions, returning from the conquest of Gaul, that precipitated a civil war in the Roman Republic. This led, eventually, to the establishment of the Roman Empire.

Salassi - Aosta Valley and Canavese (Northern Piedmont) (Ivrea)
Graioceles - Northwestern Piedmont in the Graian Alps
Seguses (or Cotties) - Western Piedmont on Cottian Alps (Susa)
Taurini - Piedmont (Turin)
Vertamocorii - Eastern Piedmont (Novara)
Insubres - Western Lombardy (Milan)
Orobii or Orumbovii - Central Lombardy (Bergamo)
Cenomani - Eastern Lombardy (Brixia, Cremona)
Boii - Central Emilia-Romagna (Bologna)
Lingones - North-eastern Emilia-Romagna (Ferrara), Po Valley
Senones - South-eastern Emilia-Romagna (Rimini) and Northern Marche (Senigallia)

Central Europe

Boii - Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria
Cotini - Slovakia
Osi - Slovakia
Lugii - Poland
Eravisci - Hungary
Scordisci - Serbia, Croatia, Austria
Vindelici - Germany
Latobici - Slovenia, Croatia
Varciani - Slovenia, Croatia


The following data is from the research of Christine O'Keefe:


Celtic Tribes of Ireland: Eireann (pron. AYE-run): Snowdrop

Northern Province: Uladh: Noble (Ulster) pron. OLOO

Dál Ríata (Antrim)

Carbri Ríata (Red Kings) [Scotti Tribe]

Dún: Abyss (Down)

Domnanii Belgae (People of the Abyss)

Emain Macha (Armagh)

Cruithne (Grain People) [Brittani-Pretani Tribe]

Feor Magh Eanagh (Fermagh)

Fir Manach / Magnatae Erdini (Sense People)

Logh Erne: Water Lake (Cavan)

Erdini (Water People)

Londonderry: Raven Oak

Darini (Oak People)

Orgial: Gold (Monaghan)

Oriel (Golden People) [Scotti Tribe]

Ruan: Red Alder / Tir Eoghain (Tyrone)

Ruarii (Red-Alder People)

Rhobogdium Vennicnium / Tir Connail (Donegal)
Coastal Islands: Copeland, Light House, Mew, Rathlin, The Maidens

Rhobogdi Vennicni (Old Red Ones)

Ulaid (Noble People)

Center: Na Mí: Honey Bee (Meath) pron. mih-eh

Brú na Bóinne: Milk House (Newgrange)

Boii (Milk People)

Teamhair (Tara)
Sligh Midhluachra: House of Meadcircling goes to Emain Macha, Sli Cualin to Dublin.

Neill (Cloud People)
[Toad: meall magán (bee sky-plain), a dynasty symbol]

Morgallion / Teffia (Westmeath)

Gailenga Móra / Morini (Sea People)

Melisii (Bee People: All Ireland)

Clann Colmán (Dove People)

Western Province: Connacht: Clear Water pron Kunukhtu

Baiscne: Rain (Leitrim)

Baiscin (Rain People)

Connemara: Clear Sea

Belgae Conmaicne Mara (Clear Sea People)

Gallimh [pron.GALIV] (Galway)
Gorumna: Leitir Meallain (Lettermullen), Tir an fhia, Lettermore

Autini Gallimii (River People)

Grecraige: Grecian (Gara)

Grecraige (Grecian Ones)

Glenamoy (Sligo)

Gamanrad (Womb People)

Inniscrone: Abundant Shells (Sligo)

Muiresc (Sea People) [This is in Sligo]

Loughnarea (Sligo)

Monaig (Sense People) [Onobrigantes, Gaule] [Maeve’s burial place]

Mruadh: Red Alder (Moy River)

Mruadh / Ruarii (Red Alder People)

Maigh-Eo: Plain of Yew (Mayo)
pron. Mwee-oe

Chera-Máil (Silver People)

Magh nAirtig: Fertile Plain (Killaracht)

Airtig (Fertile People) [Cruithne Tribe]

Oileín Árann: Snowdrop Islands (Aran Islands)

Árann (Snowdrop People) [Dumnonii Tribe]

Árainn-Inis Mór (Inishmore), Inis Meáin (Inishmaan), Inis Thiar: Rear / Inis Oírr: East Island (Inisheer)

Snowdrop Islands are in Cuan na Gaillimhe: Galway Bay a.k.a Loch Lurgainm. Teampall Caomhán on Inis Oírr

Connacht: Clear Water
Inis Airc (Inishark), Inis Bo Finne: White Cow Island (Inishbofin)

Connachta (Clear Water Descendants)

Turoe (Roscommon)
Regia Oppidum Belg

Auterii (River People)
[Slighe Dalin to Dind Ri, Eiscir Riadan to Dublin. Rathcroghan, near Tulsk the ancient seat of the kings of Connacht.]

Eastern Province: Laighin: Raven (Leinster) pron. lie-un

Brí Leith [pron. bree-lay] (Ardagh)

Brigantii (Cow Goddess People) [Early kings of Leinster had headquarters in Naas, Kildare]

Ceatharlach (Carlow)


Delbna bEthra: Five Trees (Clonmacnoise, Offaly)

Laigin Delbna Bethrae (Raven Five Trees)

Uíbh Fhailí: Wolf (Offaly)

Failgi (Wolf People)

Gleann dá Loch (Wicklow)

Manapi Belgae-Locha (Lake People)

Loch Garman: Weaver Lake (Waesfjord: Wexford)

Menapia Belgae-Garmanii (Weavers)

Laois: Raven (Leixip)

Lexoii: Laigin / Lugi / Laoighis (Raven People) [Dumnonii: Dark Abyss Tribe]

An Lú: Raven (Louth)

Volunti (Raven People)

Osraighe: Deer (Kilkenny)

Osrii / Osraige (Deer People)

Tethba: Sea (Longford)

Tethbae (Sea People) [Laigin Tribe]

Eblana: Estuary (Dublin)

Eblani (People of the Estuaries)

Southern Province: Mumhan: Cluster of Nuts (Munster) pron. MOON

Cashel: Shoe (Tipperary)

Caisin (Shoe People) [Rock of Cashel: Munster Kings: Desmond Kingdom]

Ciarrage: Yew Berry (Kerry)

Keres (Red Yew Berry Goddess People)

Clár (Clare)
Inishmore (Deer Island)

Ganganii Concanii (Clear Water People) Loch Derg [Thomond Kingdom]

Corcaigh: Oat (Cork)

Corcaigh Coriondi (Black Oat People)

Decies Cuilean / Luimneach: Bare March (Limerick)

Dalcassi Cuilean / Calledoni (Holly People)

Lóch Lein: Holy Veiled Lake (Killarney)

Vellabori / Léin (Holy Veiled Ones) [Kerry]

Maigh Adana (Vaterfjord: Waterford)

Danuni (Water From Heaven People)

Dumnonii Dalcassi Mumhan (Nut People): Dal=leaves + Mugain: Cluster of Nuts

Celtic Tribes of Britain: Brigantia [Bó + Righinn + Dia] Cow Goddess Queen

Yr Hen Ogledd: Northumbria [Deira: Oak]

Carvetorium (Carlisle)

Carvetii (Red Goddess People)
Coquet Island

Bryneich [Bryn=Hill + Eich=Water] (Durham)


Farne Islands: Ynys Metcaut (Lindisfarne), Coquet, Inner: Inner Farne, Knoxes Reef, East & West Wideopens, Megstone, Outer: Staple Island, Brownsman, North & South Wamses, Big Harcar, Longstone.

Cymru [White Grain] (Cumbria)

Cymrii (White Grain Goddess People)

Furness Islands: Barrow, Belle Isle, Chapel, Folney, Sheep, Walney, Roa, Snab Point, Piel

Petuaria Eburacum / Efrawc [Yew] (Yorkshire)

Parisi a.k.a Breuci (White Trout People)

Read’s Island

East Anglia

East Anglia [Suffolk, East Seaxe: Essex]

[Iceni Coin]Iceni/Magniceni (Clear Water People)

Potton, Foulness, Havengore, Horsey, England, Rushley, Skipper’s,Wallasea, Thames Estuary: Bridgemarch, Canvey, Brightlingsea Creek: Cindery Island, Avon Dhu Lerpwl: Blackwater Estuary: Meresig (Mersea), Cobmarsh, Osea, Northey, Pewett, Suffolk: Havergate

Corritania (Leicester)

Coritani (Black Oat People)


Dobunnorum (Severn)

Dobuni (People of the Abyss)

Birnbeck Island

Camuladunum (Colchester)

Catuvellauni (Grain People)

Cheshire Islands River Dee: Hilbre: Saint Hildeburg, Middle Eye-Middle Island, Little Eye

Wessex: West Country

Belgvae (Winchester)

[Atrebates Arti]Atrebates (Bear People) [Belgae Tribe: Sacred Tree People]

Bearroc: Red Birch (Berkshire)

Ancalites (River People) / Bibroci (Sacred Tree People)

Calleva Atrebatum (Suth Rig: Surrey)

Atrebates (Bear People)
Thames Estuary: Frog, Chiswick Eyot, Oliver’s, Brentford, Lot’s Ait, Isleworth, Glover’s, Twickenham, Swan, Trowlock, Steven’s Eot, Raven’s Ait, Thames Ditton, Ash, Tagg’s, Garrick’s Ait, Platt’s Eyot, Sunbury Loch Ait, Wheatley’s Ait, Desborough, D’Oyly Carte, Lock, Hamhaugh, Pharoah’s, Dumsey Eyot, Penton Hook, Truss’s, Church, Hollyhock, Holm, Hythe End, Magna Carta, Pats Croft Eyot, Ham, Nickcroft Ait, Sumptermead Ait, Romney, Cutlers Ait, Firework Ait, Deadwater Ait, Baths, Queens Eyot, Monkey, Pigeonhill Eyot, Headpile Eyot, Bridge Eyot, Grass Eyot, Ray Mill, Boulters’, Glen, Sonning Eye, View, Reading, De Bohun, De Montfort, Pipers Island

Cantium: Canterbury (Kent)

Cantii (Clear Water People)

Thames Estuary: Sheppey (Sheep), Burntwick, Thanet, Canvey, Lower Horse, Two Tree, Greon: Sun


Morini, Menapii (Sea Ones)

Dumnonia (Devon)

Dumnonii (People of the Abyss) [Gaule]

Bristol Channel: Burgh Island, Drale’s Island, Eddystone Rocks

Durnovaria (Dorset)

Durotriges (Water Dwellers)

Poole Harbour: Brownsea Island, Vindelis (Isle of Portland), Torbay, Tophill, + 4 more.

Kernow (Cornwall)

Cornauii (Horned God of Rebirth People) Atacotti, Canges (Clear Water People), Carnaves (Red Goddess People)

Mullion Cove: Toldu: Mullion, Looe Island (St George’s),
Ynysek Syllan: Scilly Isles: Penn an Wlas: Land’s End: Aganas (St Agnes), Annet, An Creeban: Crim Rocks, Brechlek: Speckled Island (St. Martin’s), Bryher: Place of Hills, Burnt Island, Ennor (St Mary’s), Gorregan, Great Arthur, Great Ganinick, Guen Hily (Great Ganilly), Green Island, Gugh: Hedge, Guther’s Island, Gweal, Longships, Men an Eskob, Menwalaethan, Merrick, Plumb Island, Puffin Island, Rosevear, Round Island, Samson, Seven Stones Reef, Tean, Toll’s Island, Ynys Elidius: St Helen’s, Yns Skaw (Tresco)

Regnorum (Suth Seaxe: Sussex)

Atrebates-Regni (Red Kings)

Chichester Harbor:
Hayling, Portsea, Whale, Thorney, Pilsey Island


Veneti (Old Ones)

Trevenna-Thames (Norfolk)

Trinovantes (Trinity People)

Ellanyn Vooir Eeaght: Lenur Islands

Coriosolii (Black Oat People)

Les îles de la Manche: Channel Islands: Isle of Wight, Alderney-L’Isle d’Aurigny, Burhou, Casquets, Guernesey, Herm, Jethou, Yn Tark-Sark-Sercq, Jersey-Angia-Jèrriais, Chausey, Les Ecrehous: Maîtr’Île, La Marmotchiéthe, Lé Bliantch’Île, Les D’mies, La Grand’ Naithe, L’Êtchièrviéthe, Lé Fou, La Froutchie, Les Dirouilles, Les Pierres de Lecq: The Paternosters, Les Minquiers: Maîtresse Île, Les Maisons, Le Niêsant, Les Faucheurs, La Haute Grune

Wales: Cymru (pron. cum-bree)

Clwyd Province

Deceangli (River People)

Dyffed Province

Demetae/Démètes (Sacred Red Goddess People)

Bae Caerfyrddin: Carmarthen Bay:Ynys Aberteifi: Sea River Island (Cardigan), Yns Catrin: St. Catherine’s Island, St. Margaret’s Island, Inys Byr (Caldey), Crow Rock, Yns Sgoc-holm: Norse: Wooded Island, Skomer, Yns Gwales (Grassholm), Skulmer, Middleholm, Yns Lochtyn, Mynyw / Tydewi: Saint David’s Penninsula: Yns Dewi (Ramsey Island), Carreg-Gwylon, Gateholm, Meini Duon: Black Rocks, The Bitches, Trwynmynachdy, Ynys Bery, Ynys Cantwr, Ynys Eilun & Pont yr Eilun, Ynys Gwelltog: Grassy Island Bishops & Clerks: Carreg Rhoson, & Maen Rhonson, Carreg-trai, Cribog, Daufraich & Maen Daufraich, Emsger (South Bishop), Llechau-isaf & Llechau-uchaf, Moelyn, North Bishop

Ventum Silura (Caerwent)
Gwent Province

Silures (Trinity People)

Glamorgan Province

Déisi/Dalcassi (Nuturing People)

Vale of Glamorgan:Ynys Echru-Ynis Echni (Flat Holm), Steep Holm, Tusker Rock, Ynys y Barri (Yew), Sully.

Prydain / Britain
Powys Province

Pretani/ Brigantii (Cow Goddess People)/Corionototae

Gwynedd Province

Ordovices Segontii (Golden Ones: The Path)

Lleyn: Veiled Peninsula:Bardsey-Ynis Enlli: Island of the Currents, Ynys Benlas (Blue Top), Ynis Cybi-Yns Halen (Holy Island), Yns Castel, Yns y Bîg, Ynys Gaint, Yns Faelog, Yns Dulas, Yns Feirig, Yns Gored Goch: Island of Red Brightness, Yns Llandwyn: Island of Dwynwen, Yns Lawd (South Stack), Ynis Môn-Anglesey (Yns Dywyll: Dark Island), Yns Seiriol: Sparkling Island (Priestholme-Lundy: Puffin Island), Mochras (Shell Island), CaerGybi (Holyhead), Cribinau: Church in the Sea, The Mice Ynys Amlwch-E Mouse, Maen y Bugael-W Mouse, Yns Badrig: Patrick’s Island-Middle Mouse, Tyrwyn Du, Ynysoedd Tudwal: Saint Tudwal’s Islands: Ynys Tudwal E, Yns Tudwal W, Carraig y Trei: Rock of the Three, Ynysoedd y Moelrhoniaid: The Skerries: Grey Seals

Celtic Tribes of Europe


Albania: Albini [White Moon]


Albanese Mts

Albini (White Moon People)


Eburones (Winter Goddess People)


Epirus (Çamëria)

Samnites (Summer People)

Leuterni (Liburni Civitas)

Lexoi / Lugh (Raven People) [Liburni Illyrians]


Pelagonia [White Sea] (Bitola)

Brygi (Cow Goddess People)


Sannde (Sweet Goodness People)



Tirana (Place of St. Anne)


Azerbaijan: Arran [Snowdrop Land]


Mil Plain [Honey]

Medeans (Intoxicated Ones)

Mughan Plain [Sun]

Manneans (Knowing)



Arri (Fertile People)

Karrabakh [Red]

Arri (Snowdrop People) [Dumonii]


Austria: Ostarrichi [Growing Sun]


Beljak (Villach)

Bellovaci (Sacred Tree People)

Bregenz & Brenner

Brigantes (Cow Goddess People)


Carinthia (Kärnten)

Caerosi (Red Berry Goddess People)

Donau (Jutland)

Eruli (Snowdrop People) [Latin: Marcomanni Suevi. Exterminated by Lombards]


Glanis (Glanegg)

Glanici (Glittering Gem Ones)

Gati (Sankt Stefan im Gailtal)

Cath (Grain People) [Latin: Quadi Suevi]



Dacians [Greek-Latin: Getae]

Iuvavia (Salzburg)

Alauni (Harmony)


Hercynia (Harz)

Hernici-Chatti (Grain People)

Noricum (Neumarkt)

Taurisci (Bull People) [Latin: Norici]



Aedui Baiocasses (Living Sun Fire People) [Latin: Suevi /Sueui: Accustom oneself]


Turoni (River People)


Vindobona (Vienna)

Vindobona (White Milk People)


Belgium: Belgae [Sacred Tree]


Atuatuca Tungrorum (Tongeren)

Atuatuci / Aduatuci

Gallia Belgae (Shelde / Escaut Rivière)

Nervii (That Which Animates Everything) [Latin: Pleumoxii]


Liège / Lüttich (Luik)

Lexoii / Lugi (Raven People)


Ebourones (Winter Goddess People) [Belgae]



Meldi (Honey People)

Nera (Brabant)

Geidumni & Grudii [Nervii / Neruii] (That Which Animates Everything)


North Belgium

Ambiani (Sacred Tree People)


Rauricii (Honorable People)



Sogioni, Tritolli (Trinity People)

Tournai (Doornik)

Turones: Tur (Door ) + Aine (St Anne)


Belorusso: Litwa



Barri / Berribraki (Winter Goddess People)

Borysthenes (Dnieper / Dnepr River)

Greek Name. Scythian river god.



Keres (Red Goddess People)

Nerus River

Neruii (Descendants of That Which Animates Everything)


Bulgaria: Dacia [Wolf Moon]


Apolonia (Sozopol)

Apulli (People of Apollo)

Lower Scythia (Dobrudzha)



Rhodopes (Thrace)

Bessi [Some say they are Indo-Iranian, others Dacian]

Siraces (Sava River)




Sinti (Wind Goddess People)


Anartes (River Goddess People: St Anne)


Croatia-Slavonia: Illyria [Apple Place]


Dardani & Eordea

Dardani (Water from Heaven People)

Drava (Beograd)




Dumonii / Domnanii (People of the Abyss)

Glaucus (Epidamnus) [City of the Blue Men]

312 BC: King Glaukias [Blue Man]


Pannonia Secunda (Coastal Dacia)

Dacii/Thracii (Wolf Moon People)

Sava River

Sequsiani (Sweet Goodness People)


Seni (Senj)

Senones (Ancient Ones)


Denmark: Danuna [Water from Heaven]


Amrum Island

Ambrones (Raindrop People)

Cimbren (Himmersysæl)

Cimbri (White Grain Goddess)


Hafnia [Summer Country]

København (Copenhagen) Island its on called Zealand: Sjæl-land


Harudes (Hardland)

Sequanii sau Haeduii (Sweet Goodness People)

N. Fryslân (Jutland)

Danuni (Dacian tribe=Danes. Water From Heaven People) [Schleswig-Holstein]


Thiuthæ sysæl (Thy)

Teutones (Tribe) [Boii: Milk People]

Wendlæ sysæl (Vendsyssel)



Estonia: Arran [Snowdrop Land]


Mil Plain [Honey]

Medeans (Intoxicated Ones)

Mughan Plain [Sun]

Manneans (Knowing)



Arri (Fertile People)

Karrabakh [Red]

Arri (Snowdrop People) [Dumonii]


France: Gaule [Mouth]


Agenais & Agésinates

Nitiobroges Agessinates (Ancient People) [Boii tribe. In Latin: the Cambolectri Atlantici of Lautrec]

Samarobriva Oppida (Amiens), Belin (Beçançon), Besièrs, Beauvaisis, Bigòrre, Avericum Oppida (Bourges)

Ambiani / Bellovaci / Bigerriones / Biturges / Biterrois / Belendi Gironde (Sacred Tree People)


Angers, Anjou, Anagnutes, Aush, Aude, Ain

Auscii Anagnutes (River Goddess People: St Anne)

Aquae Onesiorum (Aquitània)

Aquitani / Onesiae=Monesi (Sacred Knowing) [Onobrisates], Camponi (Mouth People) / Pinpedunni (Head of Black Abyss)


Arausio (Orange) & Évreux

Aruii / Aureliani Ebourones (Winter Goddess People) [Belgae]

Armorica (Great Sea Country) & Gwenea (Vannes)

Aremorici Veneti | Heneti (Old Sea People) [Capital Gwenea: White Sea]


Atrebatum (Arras) & Artou

Articlaui / Atrebates (Bear People) [Belgae tribe] Oppidum Gesoricum

Autun (Alsace) & Bayeux

Aedui Baiocasses (Living Sun Fire People)


Avranches / Mont St. Michel

Avranchin (People of the Estuaries)

Auvèrnha: Leader Vercingétorix

Arverni (Seed People) [Dumonii tribe]


Bagacum (Bavai)

Neruii (Descendants of That Which Animates Everything)

Barsac & Biarn

Bercorates / Benearni Preciosa (Supreme Oak Priestesses)


Bordèu, Bourgogne & Burdigala

Burgundii / Burdigala (Boar People)


Bononia (White Milk People) & Morini (Sea People)


Bresle & Bresse

Catuslugi Breis (Grain-Raven Beautiful Moon People) [Ambarri tribe]

La Bretagne (Britanny)

Britanni (Cow Goddess People)


Caurs, Quercy, Châlons & Durença

Caduci Catuvellauni (Grain People: St. Catherine)

Keraës (Carhaix), Carascus & Céret

Caerosi (Red Yew Berry Goddess People)





Cenomani (Clear Water People)


Chartres: Centre de Druids en Gaule

Carnutes (Red Goddess Ones) [Albii Tribe. Capital city Cenabaum]


Coriosolii / Coriosolites (Black Oat People)



Conserani (Sense People)

Dax / d’Acs

Dacii (Wolf Moon People)



Druids / Durocasi (Oak People)

Drôme / Droma

Articlaui (Bear People) [Latin: Voconti who worship Andarta]


Elusa (Euze)

Eluzates (Raven People) [Datii: Dacian tribe from Moldova to Gers]


Osismii (Os: Deer People)


Gariès & Garumna (Garona)

Garites Garumni (Sun People)

Novempopulana (Gasconha)

Tasconi [Euskotarrak]



Gabalitani (Rough Ones)


Glanici (Glittering Gem Ones)


Graian Alps

Graiocelli (Holly Ones)

Belledonne / Belladonna: Dark Sacred Tree (Grenoble / Grasanòbol)

Allobroges (White Cow Goddess People: St Brigitte) Oppidum Cularo: les gorges du Bréda: Bretnagh: Les Bretons (Vache Blanche)



Eburovices Diablintes (Winter Goddess People)

Lactora (Lectoure)

Lactorates (Sacred Milk Ones)





Liburni (Libourne)

Boii (Milk People) [Latin: Vasates Vocates: Cow]


Lisieux, Luxeuil, Lorraine & Lugodunum (Lyon)

Lexovii / Leuci / Louie (Raven People) [Latin: Vadicassi]


Scotii (L’Ecosse: Scotia, Daughter of Pharoah)


Limonium (Limoges)

Lemovices [Pictone Tribe]

Mandu-Bilos (Morbihan) & Vermandois

Mandubii (Horse People)


Massalia (Marselha)

Gallatai (Love People) & Ionians (Moon People) & Ligurians Allobroges: The Path

Medoc & Meldos (Meaux)

Medulli (Mead Intoxicated Ones) a.k.a Meldi (Honey People)



Albici (White Moon People)

Meuse Rivière & Le Mains

Menapii (Sacred Stone Ones)



Mediomatricii from Saarland

Naoned (Nantes)

Namnetes (Daisy People): Naoned: Holy.


Nemeton (Vaucluse)

Nemetti (Sacred Grove People)


Atasgoduni Bucconae (White Ones)


Nemausus (Nîmes)

Arecomici (Fertile Ones) Bas-Languedoc: Serre Paradis.

Oisans [L’eau de vie]

Ucenni (Clear Water People)



Oscidates (Owl People)

Par-Ys-Lutetia (Paris)

Parisii Breuci (White Trout People)


Pays de Famenne

Paemani (Apollo People)

Peirigús & Périgourd




Celts (Hidden Ones)

Poitiers & Peitiu

Pictones (Painted Ones)


Gallia Transalpina-Narbonensis (Narbona, Avinhon)

Narbonaise (Spinning People) [Latin: Vocontii]

Oppidum Durocortorum (Rheims)

Belgae Remi


Roazhon (Rennes) & Rennes-le-Château

Roa / Redones (Red Deer People). Druze-Fatimid Dynasty / Fata Morgana = Saint-Maries.

Rotomagus (Rouen) & Rosellón (Rosselhon) [Red Alder Place]

Aix -en-Provence où Ais = Rhône où Ròse: Red Alder Tree River Ruteni (Red Goddess People) [Latin: Veliocassi / French: Sordones]


Saubusse & Soule

Sibusates / Sibylates (Snake People) [Boii Priestesses]


Santonae (Wave People)


St-Lizier-en-Couseran (Ariege)

Consoranni (Reed People)


Bantianae (Water Women)



Senones (Ancient People). Capital city Agedincum

Seine Rivière & Senlis

Cantii Silvanectes (Clear Water People)


Sion & Sologne (Loir-et- Cher)

Seduni (The Path)


Soissonnais / Suessiones [King Clovis]


Sequana / la Saône

Sequani (Sweet Goodness)

Côte d’Or (Carmargue: Saintes-Maries)

Orddu (Black Gold People) [Golden is called Vatici in Latin] /Vatiques


St Bertrand de Comminges

Convenae (Veiled Holy Fire Goddess)

Argantoratum [Silver Womb] (Strasbourg)

Allamanni Triboci (Triple Ones)



Taurus Tolosa (Bull People)


Tricasi (Triple Grain People)


Touraine & Tournay

Tur (Le port ) + Aine (St Anne: l’eau du ciel), Turones (Mouth of the River Goddess)


Georgia: Iberia [Winter Goddess]



Trinovantes (Trinity People)


Colchians (Dove People) Home of Medea/Cybele


Germany: Germanii [Plough-Man]


Aquis-Granum (Aachen oder Aix-la-Chapelle)

Granii (Sun People). The latin aquae changed to aix=river in French


Carnuni (Red Berry Goddess People) [Albii Tribe]


Bavaria (Bayern)

Baiuoarii (Sacred Milk People)

Breisgau (Black Forest)

Brisgavi/Breisgauer/Brigantes (White Cow Goddess People) [Allamanni tribe]


Bodensee (Lentia oder Lac de Constance où Swabian Sea)

Geasatae (Sacred Bond) / Lentienses (Veiled Ones) [Alamanni Tribe]


Bonna (Bonn)

Albii (White Moon People)

Bourbetomagnus (Worms)

Burgundii / Burdigala (Boar People) [Vangiones: Latin invading footsoldiers]


Branduenna (Brandenburg)

Brannouices-Lexoii / Lusatians (Raven People)

Chauken (Bremen) [E Fryslân / Lower Saxony]



Danube (Donau)

Anartes (River Goddess People)

Decumates (Baden)



Elbe River [Swabia: Saxony]

Suevi Allemani (Baltic Harmony) [Suevi Latin for Baltic Sea]


Garites/Gabites (Plough-Men)


Kassel (Köln Hesse) / Frankfurt

Chatten-Kelten (Grain People: St Catherine)


Estioni (Estuary People)




Langobarden (Lüneberg)

Region: Suevi Langobardi: Baltic Lombardy


Lusatia (Lausitz) [Saxony]

Lexoii-Brannouices (Raven People) Hallstatt A & B.


Meldi (Honey Ones)


Maghentía (Mogontiacum / Mainz / Mayence)

Chatti Hermunduri (Grain People), Weisenau Castle: Chief Blussus

Nemaloni (Augsburg) & Nemeton (Speyer)

Nemetes / Nemaloni (Sacred Grove People)



Rucinati (Red Kings)


Marsii Condrusi (Oak People)



Sigesterii Sugambri (Cow Goddess People)

Tenteren (Wupper)

Tencteri [This is Latin]



Teutoni (Tribe) [Boii tribe]

Trêves (Trier)

Treveri Tricorii (Triple Black Grain People)


Tubanten (Westfalen)

Tubantii [This is Latin]

Ubiërs (Köln)

Ubii Sugamberi (Winter Goddess People)


Usipeten (Lippe)

Usipi [This is Latin]


Greece: Galogræcia /Galatia [Milk Giving]


Aegaleo (Aigaleo) & Aegean

Aige (Fire People)

Achaia, Andania (Messinia), Andritsaina, Andros, Anavyssos & Ana (Naxos)

Danuni (Water from Heaven People) Naxos Dia: Island of the Goddess. Anixi: Cool Dew


Arcadia (Arkadía)

Artemisio: Artabrii (Bear People)

Boeotia & Euboea Island

Boii (Sacred Milk People)


Cadmea (Thíva / Thívai / Thebes)

Cath (Grain People) [In Boeotia]

Katharevousa (Elefsina)

Cath (Grain People): wheat, barley. Ruled by Elusina. Her three sisters: Veniusa, Aliusa, Letiusa



Coriosolii / Coriosolites (Black Oat People)


Gaules (Mouth, Milk Giving)



Ionians (Moon People) [Danuni tribe]

Ithica (Ithaka)

Ith (Hunger for Fertility) Miletus: Honey. 7th cen BC


Karytania, Keratsini & Kerameikon (Athens)

Kares/Keri (Red Berry Goddess People) 3000 BC

Lacedaemonia (Laconia)

Boii (Sacred Milk People) Capital Sparta



Lugi (Raven People)

Melos (Milos) & Melissia

Meldi (Honey People)


Samos Island

Samniti (Summer People)

Santorini (Saint Irene Island)

Erulli (Snowdrop People) [Three sisters: Saint Irene: Holy Peace / Snowdrop, Saint Agape: Holy Love, Saint Chionia: Snow White murdered by Diocletian]


Selini Island (Inis Patmos)

Selini (Trinity People)

Tegea (Alea Piali)

Tegan (Holy Fire Goddess) Temple depicts the hunting of the Calydonian boar, built over the temple of priestess Chryseïs



Saii Esuvii (People of the Estuaries)


Dacii (Wolf Moon People), Celtoi (Hidden Ones)


Calydonian Forest

Calidonii (Winter Holly Goddess People)


Hungary: Pannonii


Aquinicum (Budapest)

Boii (Milk People), Iceni (Clear Water People)

Baranya & Ibrany

Berones (Winter Goddess People)



Breuci (Freckled Trout People)


Nemeti (Sacred Grove People)



Cotini (Grain People)


Gaeli (Love People)



Mandu (Horse People)


Suevi Marcomanni (Baltic Marcomanni)


Matra Mts


Ofen: Finn Region

Venetti (Sacred Salmon People)


Pannonia (Transdanubia)

Apulli-Illyria (Apple People of Apollo) [Latin: Pannonii]


Arravisci / Eravisci (Snowdrop People)



Regni (Red Kings)


Trinovantes (Trinity People)


Italy: Itali: Land of Oxen



Aequi (Fire People)


Samniti Frentani (Summer People) [Abruzzo Region]


Maruvium (San Benedetto dei Marsi) & Pentima

Marsi-Martses /Martiis (Great Ones) [marus, dative -mari [Gallatian] -maros [Gaulish], mor [Manx], mawr [Wales] = great ) Lake Fucino: Aqua Sparta: Santa Cecilia]

Saint Demetrio ne’ Vestini

Sabine Vestini


Breuges-Brioude (Aosta)

Brigantii / Ceutrones-Brivadois (Cow Goddess People)

Rhegium (Reggio di Calàbria)

Itali [Rheged: Red Kings]


Cumae (Cuma, Campagna & Umbria)

Cumbria / Cimbri (White Goddess/ White Grain Ones) [Cumae Sibyls: Snake Priestesses]

Esquiliae (Astura)

Esturii (People of the Estuaries)


Caere (Cerveteri), Carema (Carème), Ceres, Ceresole Reale (Cérisoles)

Cares / Kerri (Red Yew Berry Goddess)

Neronis (Vaticani)

Orddhu (Black Gold People) [Latin: Vaticii: Gold]


Pupluna (Porta de Populo)

Paeligni (Song to Apollo)

Gallia Cisalpina (Emilia)

Anari (River People), Senones-Libici (Old Ones) ager Gallicus in Latin



Argentii (Silver People)

Bononia (Bolognia)

Boii (Milk People) [Eridanus River (Po) Valley]


Iapygia-Apulia (Puglia)

Iapyges (People of Apollo)

Artemisium (S. Agata di Pulgia)

Artii (Bear People)



Bari / Bera (Winter Goddess People)

Tarantum (Taranto) & Turin (Torino)

Tor-Taurisci (Bull People)Also in Etruria: Tuscany: Etruscan Land: Founded by 2 Lydian noblemen; Tarchun & brother Tyrrhenus


Anagnia Gaeta

Chatti-Hernici / Ernici (Grain People)

Anzio, Cora, Nora

Sabellic Volsci [Latin: Flowing Water: Sabine women abducted to populate newly built Rome]



Mediolanum (Milan), Lombardia

Golaseccii (Descendents of the Cyclops)

Brixii (Brescia), Lombardy

Bress (Moon People)


Ascoli Piceno

Piceni / Picentes

Messina / Messana (Sicily)

Messapii Sicani (Scythe People) [Ionic tribe]


Alba, Albanese Mts, Albula River (Fiume Tevere / Tiber)

Albini (White Moon People) [Piedmonte Region]

Abella, Biela, Biellese Alps

Bellovaci / Bituriges (Sacred Tree People) [Bellovesus leader 4th cen BC. Piemon]


Samnium (Basilicata)

Samnitii (Summer People) [3 wars with Romans]

Lucania (Luco)

Lucanii (Raven People)


Tomba dei Giganti (Giant’s Tomb)

Gigha (Vulva) [On Costa Smeralda: Emerald Coast, Sardinia]

Herdonia (Ordona) & Hernycia (Harz Mts)

Chatti-Hernici (Grain People) [Trentino-S. Tyrol]


Cantiano & Cannae

Cantii /Kanei (Clear Water People)

Cales (Calvi Risorta) & Caelimontium (Rome)

Cael (Slender Ones)


Casilinum (Caserta) & Casinum (Cassino)

Dalcassi (Southern Ones) [S Italy]


Chatti (Grain People)


Cluvia (Buonalbergo) & Luceria (Lucera)

Clud-Llud/Lexoi-Lucanii (Raven People)

Fagus (Faicchio)

Fagus (Beech People)


Maruscini (Maruca Rupino)

Marsi-Marrucini (Latin: Shell People)

Narnia (Narni) [Red Alder]

Neruii (Descendants of that Which Animates Everything, Snowdrop People)


Sentinum (Vadimo)

Sentium Senones (Old Ones)

Seussa Aurunca (Castellone di Suasa)



Simbruini Mt & Kymai

Cimbri (White Grain Ones)

Tuder (Todi)

Teutones (Tribe)


Velitrae (Velletri)

Volsci (Flowing Water) [altar dedicated to the god Declunus (or the goddess Decluna): Lugh]


Ausones (River People)


Palatium (Roma)

Arcus Argentarorum (Silver), Arcus Iani (Life), Arcus Septimi Severi, Tempio de Apollo, Tempio de Bellona (Sacred Tree People)

Liguria (Liguria)

Segobrigi-Ligures (The Path)


Venice (Venezia)

Veneti (Old Ones): situla at Cadore: Venetic: eik goltanos doto louderai kanei
Goltanos [The One-Eyed One] sacrificed this for the virgin Kanei [The Powerful]

Bern (Verona)

Cenomani (Clear Water People)


Latvia: Livonia


Mare Suebicum [Baltic Sea]

Allamanni (Harmony People) [They are called Suebi: Baltic Ones by the Romans. Bal/Bhel=white, shining]

Volga, Latvia






Borussi (Boar People) [a people related to the Liths. Prussians]


Meldi (Honey People)



Druids / Durocassi (Oak People) [Eternal Lithuanian Oaks]


Lugi / Lexovoii (Raven People)


Neman River

Nemetes (Sacred Grove People: Pearl)

Argelotai, Gaicinai, Gailgarbis, Galvieãiai

Gallatai (Love People)



Caerosi (Red Yew Berry People)

Dumnava & Dundeliai

Dumonii / Domnanii (People of the Abyss)


Leipgarbis & Geritai

Geruii (Plough-Men)

Encunai [Birds]

Vale of Enna



Limicori (Black Grain People)


[Golden Place]


Luxembourg: Lwcsembwrg [Raven Place]


Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerg)

Treveri (Trinity People)


Macedonia: Paonia [Song Land]


Axios River (Vardar)



Berri (Winter Goddess People)


Bitola (Manastir) & Bylazora

Biturges (World Tree People).Bitola a.k.a Heraclea Lyncestis

Paonia (Stobi)

Paeonians (People of Apollo) [Aemila Phrygians] paean: hymn to Apollo. Nemeza Necropolis. Alexander I Macedon invades. Osiris is the father of Macedonus


Scupi (Skopje)

Sibylates (Snake People) [Boii] Necropolis

Triandria (Thessaloníki)

Anartes (River Goddess People: St Anne). Thessaly named after the sister of Alexander the Great.



Berri (Winter Goddess People)


Taurisi (Bull People)


Netherlands: Batavian Republic (pron. btavi)


Bataven (Nijmegan)

Batavi [Chatti Tribe], Nervii (Descendants of Water Which Animates All)


Cananefatii (Clear Water People)


Flanders (Zeeland)

Morini (Sea People)

Fryslân (Friesland)



Chamaven (IJessel)

Chamavi [Latin: Salii: Salt-Water People]

Bructeren (Overijssel)

Bructeri (Winter Holly Goddess People)



Nerthii (Snowdrop People) [Latin: Varini. Swedish: Värend: S. Fryslân]


Menapii (Sacred Stone People)


Portugal: Lucitania [Black Raven]


Lucitania, Cambium & Merua [Red Sea]

Lusitanii / Luancori (Raven People)

Ophiussa [Land of Serpents]

Arevacii (Fertile Ones)


Arabriga (Alenquer & Alvega) & Arandis (Garvão-Ourique)

Arevacii (Fertile Ones)

Baesuris Esuri (Castro Marim)

Esturii (People of the Estuaries)


Bracara (Braga)

Braciari (Freckled Trout Ones)

Centum Cellae (Colmeal da Torre)

Callidonni (Holly People)


Conimbriga-Aeminium (Condeixa-a-Nova) & Collipo (Leiria)

Coimbra (O’Keeffe People: Trinity People)

Ebora (Évora)

Eburones (Winter Goddess People)


Fluvius Anas (Río Guadiana)

Dur +de + t’anni [Santa Ana] Durtanni (River People)

Fluvius Durius (Río Douro)

Durtonni (River People)


Laccobriga (Lagos)

Celtiberi (Hidden Ones)

Mirobriga Celticorum (Condeixa-a-Nova)

Celtoi (Hidden Ones)


Mondobriga (Santiago do Cacém)

Monesi (Sacred Knowing) [Onobrisates]

Myrtilis (Mértola)

Mer / Myreddin (Sea Ones)


Rubricata (Rio Rubicão)


Selleum (Tomar)

Selini (Trinity Ones)


Veniatia (Vinhais)

Venetii (Sacred Salmon People)

Villa Euracini (Póvoa de Varzim)

Euracini (Golden Ones)


Poland: Galizia [Love]



Biela / Bellovaci (Sacred Tree People)


Breuci (Freckled Trout People)



Gallaeci a.k.a Gaels (Love People)


Lugi / Lygii (Raven People)


Tasi /Tisza

Daesi; Decies (Southern Nurturing People)


Romania: Dacia [Wolf Moon]




Apoulon Chrysopolis (Piatra Craivii)

Apulli (People of Apollo) [Dacian]



Breuci (Freckled Trout People)

Bila Gora (Carpathian Mts)

Carpetani (Red Yew Berry Goddess People)


Dalmation Mts

Daursi / Daoi / Dacia (Wolf Moon People) [Thracian tribe: Herodotus]

Driester River

Agathyrsoi / Drysii (Thorn People)



Calleti (Love People)



Luncani (Raven People)


Catalauni (Grain People)


Nera River

Nerui (Descendents of That Which Animates Everything)

Tasi / Tisza

Daesi; Decies (Nurturing People)



Cimmerians & Celtoi (Hidden People)


Turoni (Water People), Bori (Boar People)


Slovakia: Boiohaemum [Milk Land]



Eburonii (Yew People) [Belgae Tribe]

Boiohaemum (Bohemia)

Boii (Milk People)


Carnui (Karniów / Krnov)

Carnutes (Red Berry Goddess People) [Albii Tribe of Silesia]


Tectosages (Flowing Water People)


Moldava (Vltava)

Moldau / Boghdan (Solar God River)


Cotini, Cakany (Horned God of Rebirth People)



Redones (Deer People)

Rheii Ohre River

Rhaetii (Harmony People)



Osi (Summer People)

Torysa River

Tauriscii (Bull People)


Trascau Mts

Tevrisci [Latin] Velatice-Baierdorf [Archeological term for Urnfield Culture 1300 BC]


Veliocasses, Volcae (Flowing Water People)



Volunti Vellauni (Harmony People)


Slovenia: Karantania [Red Yew Berry]


Carinthia (Kranj)

Carni (Red Goddess People)
[Albii Tribe]

Carniola (Dolenjsko)

Apuli (People of Apollo) [Latin: Latobici]


Celeia (Celje)

Selini (Trinity People)

Tergeste (Trieste)

Tergeste (Trinity People)


Spain: Iberia Capasienses [Winter Goddess]


Alavona y Muscaria

Vascones [Eukerian was-ko: of the forest]

Río Ana & Ausa

Tur (puerta) + de + Ani (Santa Ana) Ausetani Turdetani (River Goddess People)


Aragon [Fertile Place] & Navarra

Berribraki / Berengarii (Winter Goddess People)

Arcilacis (Santaella)

Bastitani [Euskotarrak]


Artabri Harbor

Artabri (Bear People)

Aquae Quacernori (Baños de Bande)

Quacernori Turodori (River People)


Asturica (Astorga)

Suevi Amacori (Black Oat People)


Baedunenses / Baedyi (Boar People)


Betulon (Badalona), Barcino (Barcelona), Diluron, Blanda, Caeriana, Cerdagne, Caracca, Río Deva & Velia

Berengarii / Keretes / Cerretani / Carpetani (Red Yew Berry Goddess People)
Oppidum Kere renamed Hispana Tarraconensis by Romans


Bibilori (Sacred Tree People)


Bracara, Caladunum (Calahorra), Complutica, Araducca, Tuntobriga (Río Baelon)

Bracares / Callaici Pracari (Brown Trout People)

Brigaecium & Celiobriga (Basto)

Brigaecini / Britanni Calerinori / Brigância o Brigâncio (Cow Goddess People)



Celtiberi (Hidden Ones)


Aedui Baiocasses (Living Sun Fire People) [Latin: Lasatians]


Castile (Namancos)

Castuloi (Soap People)


Catuslugi Breis o Catalauni (Grain Ones: St Catherine) [Ambarri tribe]


Dactonium (Monforte de Lemos) & Nemetobriga (Trives)

Lommeyder (Manx: Shark) / Lemavii Tibures (Latin: Shark)

Edeta (Liria)




Gallaeci / Callaeci / Gaels (Love People)


Gigurri (Vulva People)


Icanti Briga (Cantabria)

Cantabrii (Clear Water People)

Iessus Iacca (Jaca)

Iaccetani [iac in Breton is balm of everlasting life]


Ilerda (Lérida)

Ilergetes [Euskotarrak]



Iuncaria (Junquera)

Indegetari (Silver Moon People)


Limicori (Black Grain People)


Lobetum (Albarracín)

Lobetani [Lobs are hob-goblin cousins]




Nabasori (León)


Nardinium (Gijón)

Cilini / Selini (Trinity People)


Río Nerva

Autrigones Nervii (Descendants of That Which Animates Everything)

Oretum Germanorum (cerca del Castulo)

Oretani (Gold People)


Paelontium (Beloño y Beloncio)

Belgae Lugii / Lugonnes (Raven People)

Petavonium (Rosinos de Vidriales)

Asturii Supertati (People of the Estuaries)




Río Sambroca

Indigetes (Silver Moon People)


Segobriga (Segorbe y Segovia)

Segontiaci (The Path)







Trebas (Trinity People)





Valentia-Contestani (Sense People)


Vasatica (Pallantia)

Vasates. (Spain a.k.a Iberian, Euskerian, Pelasgoi, Etruscan, Gallas, Berber, Hittites.....) And Celts who, exiled from their ancient home, Had joined “Iberus” to their former name. – Pharsalia

Volobriga (O Bolo)

Nemetatari (Sacred Grove People)


Switzerland: Helvetia, Confoederatio Helvetica [Sun]



Ambi-arari Biturges. Leader: Ambicatus (Sacred Tree People)

Albinnum (Albens)

Albii (White Moon People)



Belgae Berones / Benarnensi (Yew People) Ambiorix & Catovolcus vs Caesar

Brigue-Glis & Genève

Allobroges-Brigantes /Britanni (White Cow Goddess People)


Aqua Helvetica (Baden Aargau)

Helvetti (Sun People)

La Magne

Allemani (Harmony People)

Lepontine Alps


Laignes-Vix (Mont Lassois)

Laighin / Belgae Lugi (Raven People) La Tène Culture: Princess of Vix

Lucerne & Lutetia (Biel)

Belgae Lugi (Raven People)



Veragrorum (Martigny)

Veragri-Daliternt (Rain People) [Written feraim. Roman city of Octodurus by the Dranse: Oak River. After the Gallic Wars it is incorporated by Gen Vellavi into Civitum Vellavi: Velais & Velay]

Augusta Vindeloricum (Windisch)

Taurisci (Bull People) [Latin: Vindeleci-Norici]

Turkey: Galatia [Milk Giving]

Adana (Adanija)

Danuni (Water from Heaven People)


Volcae Tectosages (Flowing Water People)

Dardanelles (Çanakkale) & Dardania (Mt Ida)

Dardani (Oak People)

Drynemeton [Sacred Oak Grove] (Ancira / Ankara)

Lugi-Trocmi (Raven People of the Oaks) [Prince Bogodiatarus]

Miletus / Milawata (Aydin)

Milesians (Honey People) Hittites document them from 1320 BC


Ordu (Black Gold People)

Phrygia-Troy (Truva)

Bellovaci (Sacred Tree People) Cult of Cybele [Latin: Phrygii]

Taurus Mts

Taurisci (Bull People)

Yugoslavia: Dalmatia [Leaf Land]


Biturges (Sacred Tree People)

Carnuntum (Carstva)

Cares / Keres (Red Yew Berry Goddess People)

Dardania (Kosovo)

Dardani (Oak People)

Dalmatia (Ialomita River)

Delmatae (Dal / Del = leaves + Mat: prune). [1650-1218 BC: (D)Halli + Mitanni. Egyptians call their language Maryannu]

Mutatio ad Sextum (Mali Mokri Lug)

Lugii (Raven People)

Neretva River

Neruii (Descendants of That Which Animates Everything)

Singidunum Moesia (Chrysopolis / Belgrade)

Moesi Breuci (Freckled Trout People) / Apuli (People of Apollo) [395: Dividing city between Rome & Byzantium]

Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica)

Scordisci (Evening Vespers) [Latin name for the Illyrian people forced into the Roman Settlement]

Taurunum (Zemun)

Taurisci (Bull People)

Thrace (Dacia)

Daesitiates / Dacii (Wolf Moon People)

Una River

Una / Uaine (Sun People) [Bluebells that grow by called the Una Bluebell]

Vuka River

[Caelia Coin]Vaccael (Slender Goddess People)

Above from Christine O'Keefe

Iberian Peninsula

Main language areas in Iberia circa 200 BC.

The Celts in the Iberian peninsula were traditionally thought of as living on the edge of the Celtic world of the La Tène culture that defined classical Iron Age Celts. Celtic or (Indo-European) Pre-Celtic cultures and populations did exist, even if their cultures do set them somewhat apart from the rest of the Celtic world in Antiquity.
Albiones - western Asturias (Spain).
Astures - Asturias and northern León (Spain), and west of Trás os Montes (Portugal).

Bletonesii - Salamanca (Spain).
Bracari - Braga (Portugal).
Gallaecians or Callaici - Gallaecia (Spain & Portugal).
Cantabri - Cantabria, part of Asturias and part of Castile-Leon (Spain); some consider them not Celtic or Pre-Celtic [1].
Carpetani - Central Iberian meseta (Spain).
Celtiberians - Central Iberian meseta (Spain).
Celtici - Alentejo and Algarve (Portugal).
Coelerni - Braga (Portugal and Ourense (Spain).
Cynetes or Conii - Algarve and Low Alentejo (Portugal); originally probably Tartessians or similar, later celtized by the Celtici[2].
Equaesi - Minho and Trás-os-Montes (Portugal).
Grovii - Minho (Portugal) and Galicia (Spain).
Interamici - Trás-os-Montes (Portugal).
Leuni - Minho (Portugal).
Limici - Minho (Portugal) and Galicia (Spain).
Luanqui - Trás-os-Montes (Portugal).
Lusitanians - Portugal south of the Douro River and Extremadura (Spain); usually considered Pre-Celtic.
Lusones - Guadalajara (Spain).
Narbasi -Minho (Portugal) and Galicia (Spain).
Nemetati - Minho (Portugal).
Oretani - La Mancha, eastern Andalusia and Múrcia (Spain); Some consider them not Celtic [3].
Paesuri - Douro and Vouga (Portugal).
Quaquerni - Minho (Portugal).
Seurbi - Minho (Portugal).
Tamagani - Chaves (Portugal).
Tapoli - River Tagus, around the border area of Portugal and Spain.
Turduli Veteres - Douro (Portugal).
Turduli - Guadiana valley (Portugal) and Extremadura (Spain).
Turdulorum Oppida - Estremadura (Portugal).
Turodi - Trás-os-Montes (Portugal) and Galicia (Spain).
Vaccaei - Central Iberian meseta (Spain).
Vettones - Ávila and Salamanca (Spain).
Zoelae - Trás-os-Montes (Portugal).

Great Britain

Britain about the year 10 CE, showing the Brythonic tribes in green.

Roman Britain about the year 410 CE, showing the Brythonic tribes in red.

Ancalites (Hampshire and Wiltshire, England)
Attacotti (Scotland or Ireland)
Atrebates (an important tribe of Southern England)
Belgae (Wiltshire and Hampshire) - according to some, they may have been Germanic[1]
Bibroci (Berkshire, England)
Brigantes (an important tribe in most of Northern England) and in the south-east corner of Ireland)
Caereni (far western Highlands)
Caledones (along the Great Glen)
Cantiaci (present-day Kent which preserves the ancient tribal name)
Carnonacae (western Highlands)
Carvetii (Cumberland)
Cassi (England)
Cateni (north and west of Sutherland) - they gace the county its Gaelic name Cataibh
Catuvellauni (Hertfordshire) - neighbours of the Iceni, they joined in their rebellion
Corieltauvi (Leicestershire)
Corionototae (Northumberland)
Corieltauvi (East Midlands including Leicester)
Cornovii (Cornish)
Cornovii (Midlands)
Cornovii (Caithness)
Creones (Argyll)
Deceangli (Flintshire)
Decantae or Ducantae (eastern Ross and Black Isle)
Demetae (Dyfed)
Dobunni (Cotswolds and Severn valley)
Dumnonii or Damnonii, Domnainn) (Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Strathclyde, and Connacht)[2][3][4][5]
Durotriges (Dorset, south Somerset, south Wiltshire)
Epidii (Kintyre and neighboring islands)
Gangani (Ll?n Peninsula)
Horestiani (Fife, Scotland)
Iceni (East Anglia) - under Boudica, they rebelled against Roman rule
Lugi (southern Sutherland)
Scotti (western portion of Scotland)
Segontiaci (England)
Selgovae (north of Dumfries and Galloway)
Ordovices (Gwynedd) - they waged guerrilla warfare from the north Wales hills
Parisii (East Riding of Yorkshire and Humberside)
Regnenses (Hampshire)
Setantii (Lancashire)
Silures (Gwent) - also resisted the Romans in present-day south Wales
Smertae (central Sutherland)
Taexali (Grampian)
Trinovantes (Essex) - neighbours of the Iceni, they joined in their rebellion
Uluti or Volunti (north-east of Ireland and Lancashire - they gave their name to Ulster
Vacomagi (in and around the Cairngorms)
Venicones (Fife and south-east Tayside in Scotland
Votadini (north-east England and south-east Scotland - they later formed Gododdin

Scottish Clans



Celtic tribes in Ireland according to Ptolemy

" Autini/Auteini
" Blanii
" Brigantes (also present in Britain)
" Cauci
" Concani
" Coriondi
" Cruthin (also present in Britain)
" Darini
" Ebdani/Eblani/Blani
" Erdini
" Gangani
" Herpeditani
" Iverni
" Luceni
" Menapii/Manapii
" Nagnatae/Nagnate
" Robogdii
" Usdiae/Udiae
" Uterni
" Velabri/Vellabori
" Vennicnii
" Vodie/Vodiae
" Volunti

According to later writers



Ireland about the year 1100, showing kindreds.

-Conmaicne Dun Mor
-Conmaicne Mara
-Conmaicne Toland
Corca Baiscind
Corca Mruad
Corca Ochae
Corco Dhuibhne
Corco Moga
Corcu Loígde
Dál Fiatach
Dál gCais
Dál Messin Corb
Dál nAraidi
Dál Riata
-Delbhna Bethra
-Delbhna Nuadat
-Delbhna Tir Dha Locha
Desi Muman
-Eóganacht Áine
-Eóganacht Airthir Cliach
-Eóganacht Chaisil
-Eóganacht Glendamnach
-Eóganacht Locha Léin
-Eóganacht Raithlind
Feorainn Flann
Fir Chera
Fir Domnann (not to be confused with the Dumnonii and Damnonii of Britain)
Fir Manach
Fir Ol nEchmacht
-Fir Craibe
-Tuatha Taiden
Fir Rois/Crioch Rois
Fir Tulach

Mug Dorna
Muintir Murchada
Uí Ailello
Uí Bairrche
Uí Briúin
-Uí Briúin Ai
-Uí Briúin Bréifne
-Uí Briúin Seóla
-Uí Briúin Umaill
Uí Cheinnselaig
Uí Drona
Uí Dúnlainge
-Uí Dúnchada
-Uí Faelain
-Uí Muiredaig
Uí Enachglais
Uí Failge

Uí Fiachrach
-Uí Fiachrach Aidhne
-Uí Fiachrach Muaidhe
Uí Fidgeinti
Uí Gabla
Uí Garrchon
Uí Liathain
Uí Mail
Uí Maine/Hy Many
Uí Meith
Uí Néill
-Cenél Coirpri/Tethbae
-Cenél Conaill
-Cenél Cremthainne
-Cenél Enda
-Cenél Fiachach
-Cenél Lóegaire
-Cenél nEógain
-Clann Cholmáin
-Síl nÁedo Sláine/Brega
Uí Seaghdha
Uí Tuirtri




The large tribal groups (or speculative tribal groups) from which most of the others descended include:
The Ulaid
The Connachta
The Laigin
The Cruthin

Yellow Territory = Scottish Clan - Mac Domhnaill / Mac Dhòmhnuill
Light Blue Territory = Native Irish (Main Clans highlighted in white).
Blue Territory = "Degenerate English", ie Anglo-Normans who adopted the Irish Language, Irish customs and Irish laws and also Irish names; for example FitzGerald became Mac Gearailt, de Burgo became de Búrca or also Mac Uilliam, FitzGibbon became Mac Giobúin, de Courcy became de Cúrsa, FitzMaurice became Mac Muiris, de Clare became de Cléir and so on. They became the Hiberno-Normans (Main Clans highlighted in yellow).
E.A. D'Alton says in his book " History of Ireland" of the de Burgo family: "renouncing their allegiance to the English King, they renounced their name and nation...... and in the sight of the English garrison at Athlone cast aside their distinctive Norman dress and arms and assumed the saffron robes of an Irish chief. Their example was widely followed."
1= The English Pale, where English laws and customs remained














Location of Irish Family Names

Another map with family names, this one focusing on Mayo

In 1991, the historical cartographer, John Garnons Williams, using the Four Masters and many other sources, set out to map Ireland with the spellings of place names and family names as they were in 1300. The resulting map of Ireland, the product of nearly a thousand hours of research, is the first to show early Irish names in Irish.This map more clearly shows the Morans along the Eastern shore of the Loch Conn as opposed to the Killala area as shown above





















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