Most of the Early Aeroplanes material is in the form of pictures and drawings found in the course of researching for the Vought book. Also included are other non-Vought related pictures that were acquired.


Gerard P. Moran researched the subject for more than ten years . Personal interviews were conducted with the Vought family, and with old hands at the Vought plant and key personnel in the upper echelon. Author Moran also corresponded with other Vought veterans and Vought family members.

Interviews and correspondence was carried on with others including key U.S.Navy personnel in command and flight operations, test pilots, U.S. Navy pilots, U. S.Marine Corps pilots, U.S. Air Force pilots and pilots from foreign countries who flew Vought aircraft.

In addition company and U.S. Goverment archives were researched to ensure as accurate a story as possible. The story is more than aircraft, missles and related hardware, and some not so related. It delves into the human side, the workers, management and the business climate and other conditions they faced.

Fifty Years of Vought Aviation History

1917 -1967

The text of my book AEROPLANES VOUGHT and the softback version THE CORSAIR - AND OTHER AEROPLANES VOUGHT follows. Use the link below. The book was picked up whole from a Russian website as a .rar file which I converted to a .pdf file which in turn was converted to .htm files. There may be problems, one page (page 105), I know, was upside down, now corrected. Each page is a seperate .htm file. There is a page index to the left of the page being viewed that allows you to go from page to page, but you need to allow Active X Controls for it to work. There is a return option at the end of the book (page 170) to return to this page.

My photograph, in the book, was taken by my brother, Robert John Moran.


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