The Maternal Side: the Traynors, Gallaghers, Flynns and Cosgroves

On the maternal side of my paternal grandparents, the furthest I can go back is Anthony Gallagher, who married Ann Cosgrove. Their child was Michael Gallagher. In 1857, he married Elizabeth Flynn in Crossmolina.

McLysaught notes the Gallagher's name comes from Ó'Gallchobhair which means "foreign help." There are 23 variants many beginning with Gol. The family is predominately from Donegal.The Cosgroves are a distinctly Connacht clan. The Flynn's were important men under the O'Connors in North Connacht and there was a family descended from owners of church property off Lough Conn named Flynn. The name, O Floinn, means ruddy. Michael Gallagher and Elizabeth (Flynn) were the parents of Mary Ellen Gallagher. Other children were: John; Anthony, who was baptized December 28, 1851; Ann; and James, who was baptized at Crossmolina church in March of 1860.

< Mary Ellen (Gallagher) Traynor

Mary Ellen Gallagher married Martin Traynor. Their child, Bridget Agnes Traynor, became the wife of Patrick John Moran. Bridget (Bea) and Patrick Moran were my paternal grandparents. Her siblings are listed below.

Bridget Agnes Traynor's father, Martin Traynor, was the son of William Traynor and Nellie Moran. Other children of William Traynor and Nellie Moran were: Williamwho fought in the Boer War, Bridget and Andrew who was born in 1833.


The Traynor family was from Knockfree. The River Deel ran by their land. The river Deel arises from the mountains south of Bellacorick and runs north and then some miles parallel to the road between Bellacorick and Crossmolina rising slowly northeast until it runs through Crossmolina. It runs northeast through Crossmolina, east of the town it makes a large arc north and then turns south, crosses the road to Ballina and empties into Lough Conn.

Knockfree is on the east side of the River Deel, just before it goes into Lough Conn. Knockfree means "hill of heather."







The nameTraynor was originally Mac Threubfhir or Mac Thréinfhir which means "son of the strong man." The name is most prominent in Ulster. There are many variants; M'Crenir, M'Creaner, MacCreanor, MacCranor, MacCrainor, Treanor, Trenor, Trayner, Trainor, Trayner, Tranor and the anglicized - Armstrong.

The children of Martin Traynor and Mary Ellen Gallagher were:

I. Bryan born February 3, 1878 married Ann Finnegan. He worked for the railroad and lived to be 95.They lived in New Jersey and had four children:

A. John married Virginia

B. Edward "Ned" married Ellen

C. Eleanor married Frank Murphy

D. Bernard married Claire


.....................................................Eleanor Traynor >


< Bryan Traynor



II. Mary Ellen born July 10, 1879 married Anthony Flynn. They live in Ballymanagh, Crossmolina and they had ten children:

A. Maud married Patrick Dowd

B. Bridget married James Crean
C. Katie never married
D. James married Thersa
E. Martin married Sarah
F. Annie married Joseph Kean

G. Ellen married Patrick McDonald, they had two children:

1. Edward

2. Mary

H. Anthony married Evelyn. Three of their children are known:

1. Michael

2. Bernard

3. Rose

I. Patrick married Phyliss. They had three children:

1. Philomena

2. Patricia

3. Brian

J. Una married Patrick O'Brien.

III. Annie born May 28, 1881 married Harry Mulcahey a New York building superintendent. They lived in NewYork City and they had three sets of twins. Two of the sets of twins died at birth. The surviving children were:

< Annie Traynor Mulcahey

A. Elizabeth (Betty) she married three times, James McCullogh, James O'Keefe and the last was to George Jordan (the other two are deceased).

B. Harry Jr. married Marge

C. Joseph married Eleanor D. James "Jimmy" married Peggy Gillespie There are 15 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.




IV. John November 1, 1883 lived in Ireland and never married. He was nicknamed "Bully" because when he was a youngster, he jumped off something high yelling "I am a bully man."

V. Bridget Agnes "Bea" born September 5, 1885 married Patrick John Moran. They lived in Dorchester,Massachusetts.They had eleven children. See the Moran section for their children. She lived to be 96. There is much more on her life in the next section just after this listing of her siblings and their children..







Bryan Traynor with sisters Annie and Bridget about 40 years apart. In the picture on the leftAnnie is standing and Bea is on the right. Many years later in the photograph above that is Bridget (Bea) on the left and Annie on the right.

Bryan and Bridget came over from Ireland together in 1906 and were helped by Annie who was already in America. They were later joined in the United States by younger sister Mary Patrice, who joined the convent, and younger brother Patrick.


VI. Catherine "Kate" born July 11, 1887 married James Murphy. They live in Ireland and had seven children:

A. May married Patrick Morely
B. Peter married Kitty
C. Catherine married John Bradley
D. James
E. Kevin

F. Vincent

G. Tony

VII. Patrick J. Traynor born March 6, 1890 worked for the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company.

< ...a young Patrick Traynor................................Pat much later...........>

He married Mary Ellen Moran. She was the daughter of Patrick and Margaret (Hefferon) Moran and the granddaughter of Michael and Mary (Lynskey) Moran. Her picture is in the Moran section. This made her a first cousin to Patrick. They had five children:

A. John born in 1912 died at 1 1/2 in 1914.

B. Mary, born in 1915, married John Grant. They had three children:
1. Mary, born in 1942, married Colman Connolly. They live in Maine and had two children:
a. Patrice born in 1970
b. Patrick born in 1971
2. Alice, born in 1943, never married.She lives in Massachusetts..
3. Robert "Bob" was born in 1946 and married Charlene.They live in Arizona and have a son:
a. Michael

Bob, Charlene and Mike

C. Alice born in 1918 married Ed Williams. They had no children
D. Katherine born in 1920 married John Ahern.
1. Marie, born in 1944, married John McHugh.They have four children:
a. Marybeth born in 1967 married James Schombert. They have a daughter Kelly born in 2000. The Schomberts live in Oregon. b. John "Jay" born in 1972. c. Kevin born in 1972. d. Allyson born in 1981.
2. John P. "Jackie", born in 1946, married Martine Carroll. They have two sons:
a. Chistopher born in 1982. b. Travis born in 1985.
3. James "Jim" married and then divorced. They had no children. Jim contributed to this genealogy, providing much valued information.

4. Joseph "Joe" married Eileen Dalia. They have two daughters:

a. Melissa born in 1980 b. Cheryl born in 1982.


E. Margaret, born in 1927, married Al Domerat. They had two sons:

1. Thomas, who became Father Tom a diocesan priest, who has served as a missionary in Peru and currently in Bolivia(1999).

2. Tony married Sheila.

Pat Traynor and his daughters; Alice, Mary, Catherine and Margaret

VIII. Mary Patrice (Sister Patrice of the Franciscan Order, Allegheny) lived to 95 years of age. She was born Margaret Traynor on December 17, 1891.

Sister Patrice with her sister Ann

The picture was taken on board a ship for a visit to Ireland in June, 1948

Four Traynor sisters: from left to right- Una, Sister Patrice, Ann and Bridget

IX. Martin "Pub" was born December 8, 1893 married first a Byers and then Molly Harrison.He had to leave Ireland to escape the Black & Tans.He lived in England. They had a son:

A: John

X. Thomas born November 13, 1895 married Bridget Murphy. They lived in Ireland and had seven children:

A. Madeline Married Thomas Derby

B. Eileen Married James O'Riordon

C. Leo never married

D. Elizabeth "Holly" married Thomas McAndrew

E. Joseph "Joedy"

F. Agnes married Joseph O'Hara

G. Joan married Martin O'Malley


XI. Winafred "Una" born 1900 or 1901 married Martin "Jud" Traynor. They lived in Knockfree and had nine children:

A. William "Bill" never married. He lived in Boston and New York and is now deceased.
B. Patrick "Paddy" married Annie Murphy.They live in England and have eight children:

1. James

2. Bernard
3. Peter

4. Paul

5. Martin

6. John

7. Kevin

8. Maureen

C. Gerard "Jerry" married Nora. They live in Ireland.They had eight children:

1.. Mary married Tom Brennan

2. Padraic married Carmel

3. Raymond married Rose

4. Anne married P. J. McHale

5. Susan married Leo Tierny

6. Gerard married Shelly

7. Eric (unmarried)

8. Bryan (unmarried)

D. Paschal, twin of Gerard, married Teresa.They live in Ireland and have three children:

1. Martin married Sharon, they have two children

2. Bernard (unmarried)

3. Jennifer married P. J. Coleman. They have one child:

a. David John.

E. Bridget "Bea" married Bill Golden. They live in Long Island City, New York. They had three children:

1. William Gerard, Jr. married Joanne McCarvill.
They have a son and a daughter:

a. Daniel

b. Christine

2. Gerard F. married Janet Viggiano. They have a son:

a. Kyle

3.. Martin Gerard (unmarried)

F. Teresa "Terry" married John McMahon.They live in New York and have two unmarried sons:

1. Brian

2. John

G. Frances "Fran" married James Gildea.They live in Danbury, Connecticut and have three children:

1. James married Lucia Giacco

2. Stephen married Anne Groos
3. Susan (unmarried)

H. Josephine "Jo" Anne lives in New York and never married.

I. Mary married Jack Hansen.They live in Yorkshire, England and have four children:

1. Paul married Jennie

2. Gerard married Tina

3. Maureen married Richard Atkinson

4. Elizabeth is unmarried

XII. Elizabeth, married Martin Cauley and had two daughters:

A. Bernadette "Bernie" never married lives in Ballina

B. Monica married Vincent O'Boyle. They lived in the Traynor home where Bea "Ma" Moran (Traynor) was born.Monica and Vincent have been the gracious host and hostess for many an American Moran and Traynor who arrived at their door.They have four unmarried children:

1. Kevin

2. Patrice

3. Gemma

4. Claire (adopted).

XIII. Agnes died at age nine or thirteen.


The Traynor line retrospectively from my grandmother:

William Traynor

>> Martin Traynor

Nellie Moran

> Bridget Agnes Traynor

Michael Gallagher

>> Mary Ellen Gallagher

Elizabeth Flynn


There is new information on the Traynors as the result of research done by Kate Sullivan, daughter of Kae MORAN Sullivan and Jim Sullivan and those who assisted her such as Walton J. Sullivan and Marist Brother Daniel "Jim" Traynor who assisted Walton.. This information can be found by following the link, More Taynors and Kiwi Kuzinz below.

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