s indivividuals, not as a country or a government, the Irish made their greatest contributions to the world. The gifts they gave or preserved for the world are of the greatest order of mankind; courage, piety, social service, writing, - history, religion, art, literature, and freedom.

Ireland has never been a rich and powerful country, and yet since earliest times its influence on the world has been rich and powerful. No larger nation did more to keep Christianity and Western Culture alive in their darkest nation did more to spread the cause of the Independence of America...indeed around the world.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

There are great Irish men and women who emerged over the years whose names are recognizable to all who study history; but it was the tireless efforts of the many unknown and unsung Irish whose combined gifts created a special awareness about the Irish in cultures outside of Ireland. Examples are the many Irish monks in monasteries near and far, the Irish soldiers in other country's armies, the Irish missionaries in countries far from home, the Irish nurses in foreign hospitals, the Irish policeman and fireman in America's urban cities, and the Irish political workers in American, English, Canadian, New Zealand, South African and Australian precincts and wards who made their gifts a consistent and continuing aspect of an Irish heritage shared with the world.

Such an individual is the woman I honor with this dedication. She was a Moran matriarch. Born in Ireland, she came to America in steerage. She walked off the boat and was embraced by her family and friends and assimilated into American life never having seen one immigration officer.

She was a farmer's daughter, not a nurse or missionary and yet she was both. Above all else, she was a mother. A mother of eleven children. A mother who lost her partner after thirty two years of marriage and continued to raise their family on her own. She out-lived her husband, family, friends and many of her own children. Through it all, her grace, humor, tenacity, and love of family and of God provided her family a strength that has passed to generations beyond her lifetime.

This genealogy is dedicated to Bridget Agnes Moran, also known as Bea, Ma and Nana.

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