In an endeavor of this sort there are always many, many people to recognize for the part they played in helping the idea come to fruition. Let me begin by thanking my family, who went for long periods of time without me as I labored on this book. They were understanding and supportive.

My wife, Rae Nell,acted as a sounding board for different ideas, checked my spelling, and otherwise kept me on track.

........Rae Nell Moran, an Irish Texan.

My brother Robert Moran took a hands on part in helping me. His involvement freed me to the task I enjoyed most, organizing the content, while he took on more detailed tasks.

The "Boyos", Bob and Gerry Moran

My Aunts, Kae (Moran) Sullivan and Sister Joseph Bernadette (Mary Moran) helped financially and personally. Without their effort and memories, this book would not have been completed. Thanks also to my Aunt Eileen Souza and cousins, Sister Helen Rita Moran, Jim Ahearne, Marty Cunniffe and Catherine Beggan for their roles in helping me. On the Monagle, my mother's, side, thanks to my Uncle James and my Aunt Alice.

Thanks too, to the individuals who responded to the call of my Aunt Kae Sullivan to contribute information about their familes: Marion Donegan, Degna, "Peg" Moran, Claire Moran Peterson, Marie Doolin, Peg Carr Moran, Bernie Moran, Sheila Moran Ashenfelder, Sister Kathleen Moran, CSJ; Kevin Moran, Patrice MaCune, and those who helped them.

Kate Sullivan, daughter of Kae Moran Sullivan, has contributed information on the Traynors, Cadens and Merricks. She personally went to Ireland and did some research in our home areas and shared it with me. She has also been the recipient of contributions passed to me from Walton J. Sullivan, Marist Brother Daniel "Jim" Traynor and Bill Merrick.

My apologies if your part of the family is not explained as much as you would have liked. I could only put down what information I was furnished. Since I could furnish a lot about my own family, I apologize to those of you who think it too much. This effort was started, in part, because of the death of my parents. I was moved to tell their story and it expanded from there to become a genealogy.

Thanks to Patrick Edward Moran (no relation) for the mutual sharing of ideas and research.

For my sense of history that led me to write this and other works, I thank my many teachers particularly Mrs. Nellie Guibault, and Mrs. Doris Woods of Killeen High School, and historical authors; James Michener, Sean MacManus, Will and Ariel Durant, Kenneth Roberts, H. G. Wells, William D. Griffin, and William F. Costello.

I thank the tireless, often unappreciated work of the many genealogists I read in family projects and in organization newsletters, from them I obtained leads and data that were available no where else.

Special thanks go to the many librarians, archivists, and their staffs at the many locations where I researched. I acknowledge their willing assistance to share and preserve the history that is in their trust. Thanks also to the authors and editors of the many works these fine people made available to me.

Librarians who went out of their way to assist me include:

Dorothy Glass, Librarian in the Houston Public Library

Doctor M. Nieball, of San Jacinto College, and

The staff and the Clayton Genealogical Center of the Houston Public Library.

Libraries used frequently were:

The Pasadena Public Library, Pasadena, Texas; including the Harris County Genealogical Section.

The Houston Public Library, including the Clayton Library, Center for Genealogical Research, Houston, Texas

The LaPorte Public Library in LaPorte, Texas

The University of Saint Thomas Library in Houston, Texas.

The library of the Scottish Heritage Foundation, in Houston, Texas. Access was provided by Ann E. McGiffin and help by Bernie Freeman.

The friendly and helpful people at universities around the world via the Internet and the genealogical forums on Compuserve and America On Line.

To all, and to any I may have overlooked, my sincere thanks and appreciation,

Gerard Patrick Moran

La Porte, Texas 1998

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