lthough the title of this genealogical study is OUR MORANs, it belies the information that is here to be shared. Most of what is shown here is also the genealogy of more people than I can count. If you or yours can go back to a Moran in what was Connacht, chances are the early genealogy is as much yours as it is mine. There are in the Bibliography, Glossary and Appendices information that will be helpful to anyone doing Irish genealogical research.

The main reason for this genealogical record is: the generations before, are all but gone. If someone does not get it all down soon, it may be lost. So, like a scribe of the past, this information has been gathered and recorded for the generations of the future so the connection can be made, understood and kept with our heritage. The genealogy also goes forward to the other branches to as far as I had information. I hope you will find this effort useful in tracing back your own roots and showing your children where and who they come from in


Ireland is located on the western edge of Europe, shown in red above and detail below.

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