The Morans have been in County Mayo from at least 1440 to give you an idea of how widespread in the county the families Moran had become by 1856-57 here is a

Griffiths Valuation Index Extracts Mayo 1856-7


Surname First Name Townland Parish County

Moran Patrick Fallduff Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Peter Formyle Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Peter Kilgeever Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Owen Srahnashasky Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Owen Moneen Kilgeever Mayo
Moran John Lecarrow Kilgeever Mayo
Moran John Lecarrow Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Michael Ballytoohy Beg. Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Peter Moneen Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Thomas Kinknock Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Michael Knocknaskeagh Killasser Mayo
Moran Thomas Lislaughna Killasser Mayo
Moran Anne Kiltamagh Killedan Mayo
Moran John Callow Killasser Mayo
Moran James Carrowliam More. Killasser Mayo
Moran William Lecarrow Kilgeever Mayo
Moran James Townplots, West. Killala The Acres Killala Mayo
Moran John Kinknock Kilgeever Mayo
Moran John Kill Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Michael Carrowcastle Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Michael Carrowleagh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Michael Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Martin Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran John Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran James Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran John Carrowcastle Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowcastle Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Peter Carrowleagh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran John Glen Kilgeever Mayo
Moran John Glen Kilgeever Mayo
Moran John Kilgeever Kilgeever Mayo
Moran John Capnagower Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Bryan Lecarrow Kilgeever Mayo
Moran Peter Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Peter, Jr. Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran James Ballinamore Killedan Mayo
Moran John Kiltamagh Killedan Mayo
Moran Andrew Roscahill Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Anthony Ardkeen Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Austin Knocknaboley Kilmeena Mayo
Moran William Carrowmore Kilmainemore Mayo
Moran Patrick Cloongawnagh Kilmainemore Mayo
Moran Patrick Ballycusheen Kilmainemore Mayo
Moran Patrick Brownsisland Kilmainemore Mayo
Moran Bridget Carrowbeg Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Bridget Knocknaboley Kilmeena Mayo
Moran James Tonaraha, East Kilmeena Mayo
Moran John Ardkeen Kilmeena Mayo
Moran John Knockboy Kilmeena Mayo
Moran James Rosdooaun Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Edmund Roscahill Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Catherine Islands in Clew Bay (Illanataggart) Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Edmond Roscahill Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Pat. Cloongawnagh Kilmainemore Mayo
Moran Mary Carrowmore Kilmainemore Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowndangan Killedan Mayo
Moran Patrick Kiltamagh Killedan Mayo
Moran Honoria Ballynacarriga Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran Patrick Ballinamore Killedan Mayo
Moran Michael Kiltamagh Killedan Mayo
Moran Margaret Derryvohy Killedan Mayo
Moran Martin Carrownteeaun Killedan Mayo
Moran James Derryribbeen Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran John Ballintleva Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran Sarah Ballynacarriga Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran Darby Knocknapisha Kilmainebeg Mayo
Moran Patrick Knocknageeha Kilmainebeg Mayo
Moran Patrick Derryribbeen Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran Michael, Sr. Ballyglass Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran Michael Ballintleva Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran Michael, Jr. Ballyglass Kilmaclasser Mayo
Moran James Carrowcastle Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Anne Carrownaglogh Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Thomas Cartronnacross Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Thomas Curneen Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Anthony Aghoos Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Michael Derrynasleeve Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Martin Murneen, North Kilcolman Mayo
Moran John Clare, Castle-Bar Street Kilcolman Mayo
Moran John Derrynacross Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Joseph Drumacoo Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Anthony Baralty Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Anthony Cloontakilla Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Bridget Knockmoyleen Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Catherine Hollymount Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Edmond Tullaghanbaun Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Anthony, Sr. Srah Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Anthony, Jr. Srah Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Anthony Muingnabo Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Anthony Srah Kilcommon Mayo
Moran John Clare Kilcolman Mayo
Moran John Carrownaskeha Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Timothy Drumminwonagh Islandeady Mayo
Moran Daniel Cashelduff Kilbeagh Mayo
Moran John Lurga, Upper Kilbeagh Mayo
Moran Sarah Cogaula Islandeady Mayo
Moran Patrick Cornagashlaun Islandeady Mayo
Moran Owen Drumminwonagh Islandeady Mayo
Moran Patrick Cogaula Islandeady Mayo
Moran Patrick Tawnyinagh Middle Kilbeagh Mayo
Moran James Brackwanshagh Kilbelfad Mayo
Moran Hugh Coolaght Kilcolman Mayo
Moran James Cloonmore, Upper Kilcolman Mayo
Moran James Coolaghtane Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Edward Clare Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Edmund Ballyoughter Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Bernard Ballyoughter Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Bryan Ballyoughter Kilcolman Mayo
Moran Edward Rahard Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Edward Tullaghanbaun Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Loghlan Castleroyan Kilconduff Mayo
Moran Loughlin Lagcurragh Kilconduff Mayo
Moran Patrick Castleroyan Kilconduff Mayo
Moran John Faheens Kilconduff Mayo
Moran James, Jr. Castleroyan Kilconduff Mayo
Moran James Derryronan Kilconduff Mayo
Moran James Kilbride Kilconduff Mayo
Moran Patrick Faheens Kilconduff Mayo
Moran Thomas Ardlee Kilconduff Mayo
Moran James Annagh Beg Kilfian Mayo
Moran Patrick Annagh Beg Kilfian Mayo
Moran Anne Carrowcastle Kilgarvan Mayo
Moran Patrick Bellavary Kildacommoge Mayo
Moran Anthony Foghill Kilcummin Mayo
Moran Thomas Faheens Kilconduff Mayo
Moran Thomas Kilbride Kilconduff Mayo
Moran James Castleroyan Kilconduff Mayo
Moran William Srah Kilcommon Mayo
Moran John Knockmoyleen Kilcommon Mayo
Moran John, Jr. Baralty Kilcommon Mayo
Moran John, Sr. Baralty Kilcommon Mayo
Moran John Caheravoostia Kilcommon Mayo
Moran James Pollboy Kilcommon Mayo
Moran James Lenarevagh Kilcommon Mayo
Moran James Muingnabo Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Martin Baralty Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Martin Muingnabo Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Thomas Muingnabo Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Thomas, Jr. Muingnabo Kilcommon Mayo
Moran William Rahard Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Patrick Baralty Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Michael Rathmalikeen Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Mary Shantallow Kilcommon Mayo
Moran Michael Muingnabo Kilcommon Mayo
Moran John Moyna Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Laurence Rosdooaun Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick, Jr. Derrylahan Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Carrowmacloughlin Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Cloghadockan Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Toormore, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Tawnylaheen Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Garraghill Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Ross, East Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Cloonkesh Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Cunnagher, North Turlough Mayo
Moran James Boherhallagh Toomore Mayo
Moran Thomas Creggagh Toomore Mayo
Moran Darby Carrownaraha Templemore Mayo
Moran Thomas Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Rockfield Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Lack, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Park Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Derrylahan Turlough Mayo
Moran Patrick Caurans, Lower Turlough Mayo
Moran Martin Caurans, Lower Turlough Mayo
Moran Martin Cunnagher, North Turlough Mayo
Moran Martin Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran John Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran John Ross, East Turlough Mayo
Moran John Carrowmacloughlin Turlough Mayo
Moran John Levallinree Turlough Mayo
Moran Mary Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Matthew Carrowmacloughlin Turlough Mayo
Moran Michael Knockaglana Turlough Mayo
Moran Michael John Cunnagher, North Turlough Mayo
Moran O'Shaughnessy Toormore, East Turlough Mayo
Moran Michael Cunnagher, North Turlough Mayo
Moran Michael Cloonkesh Turlough Mayo
Moran Matthew Knockaglana Turlough Mayo
Moran Matthew Ross, East Turlough Mayo
Moran Dominick Tawnagh More Templemore Mayo
Moran Mary Tawnagh More Templemore Mayo
Moran Michael Cahernamart, Tn of Westport: Mill Street Oughaval Mayo
Moran Michael Carrowbeg Town of Westport: Newport St Oughaval Mayo
Moran Michael Deerpark Oughaval Mayo
Moran Mary Cloonmonad, Westport Quay Oughaval Mayo
Moran Mary Cahernamart, Tn of Westport: Tobberhill Oughaval Mayo
Moran Martin Ardmore Oughaval Mayo
Moran Martin Cloonmonad, Westport Quay Oughaval Mayo
Moran Michael Durless Oughaval Mayo
Moran Michael Knockranny: Town of Westport: Castlebar St Oughaval Mayo
Moran Thomas Cahernamart, Tn of Westport: Tobberhill Oughaval Mayo
Moran Thomas Cloonmonad Oughaval Mayo
Moran Thomas Killeencoff Oughaval Mayo
Moran Simon Carrowbaun Oughaval Mayo
Moran Patrick Cloonmonad, Westport Quay Oughaval Mayo
Moran Patrick Cahernamart, Tn of Westport: Fair Green Oughaval Mayo
Moran Patrick Clerhaun Oughaval Mayo
Moran Laurence Killeencoff Oughaval Mayo
Moran John Kilsallagh Lower Oughaval Mayo
Moran Thomas Moyne Shrule Mayo
Moran Thomas Shrule Shrule Mayo
Moran James Cornfield Robeen Mayo
Moran Michael, Jr. Moyne Shrule Mayo
Moran Michael Moyne Shrule Mayo
Moran William Carrownaraha Templemore Mayo
Moran Eliza Carrowmore Tagheen Mayo
Moran Michael Curraboy Robeen Mayo
Moran Patrick Curraboy Robeen Mayo
Moran Daniel Leckanvy Oughaval Mayo
Moran Edward Cloonmonad, Westport Quay Oughaval Mayo
Moran John Cloonmonad, Westport Quay Oughaval Mayo
Moran Catherine Cloonmonad, Westport Quay Oughaval Mayo
Moran Anthony Mullagh Oughaval Mayo
Moran Anthony Cahernamart, Tn of Westport: James Street Oughaval Mayo
Moran Anthony Leckanvy Oughaval Mayo
Moran James Cunnagher, North Turlough Mayo
Moran Elizabeth Ross, East Turlough Mayo
Moran Catherine Rahins Road Kilmoremoy Mayo
Moran John Culleens Kilmoremoy Mayo
Moran John Bohernasop Kilmoremoy Mayo
Moran William Carn Kilmore Mayo
Moran Patrick Carn Kilmore Mayo
Moran Michael Carrowkeel Kilmolara Mayo
Moran Michael Carrownakilly Kilmolara Mayo
Moran Michael Carn Kilmore Mayo
Moran Thomas Ardbuckle's Row Kilmoremoy Mayo
Moran Andrew Ballinrumpa Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Edmund Kilmovee Kilmovee Mayo
Moran John Cloonierin Kilmovee Mayo
Moran John Kilmore Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Daniel Cloonierin Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Catherine Glentavraun Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Anne Sonvolaun Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Bryan Ballinrumpa Kilmovee Mayo
Moran John Creevagh South Kilmolara Mayo
Moran William Roscahill Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Michael Islands in Clew Bay (Collan More) Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Michael Islands in Clew Bay, Inishlaughil Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick Cushalogurt Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Michael Creggaunnahorna Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Michael Cloonkeen Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Margaret Islands in Clew Bay (Illanataggart) Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Martin Rosdooaun Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick Derrynaraw Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick Drumgarve Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Thomas Ardkeen Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Thomas Islands in Clew Bay (Illanataggart) Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Timothy Derrynaraw Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Sabina Moyour Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick Roscahill Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick Kiltyroe Kilmeena Mayo
Moran Patrick Money Kilmeena Mayo
Moran John Kilmovee Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Michael Ballinrumpa Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Michael Smuttanagh Manulla Mayo
Moran Patrick Lisnolan Manulla Mayo
Moran Patrick Rinnahulty Manulla Mayo
Moran Michael Rinnahulty Manulla Mayo
Moran Mary Cregg Manulla Mayo
Moran John Ballinhoe Manulla Mayo
Moran Martin Skiddernagh Manulla Mayo
Moran Patrick Smuttanagh Manulla Mayo
Moran Catherine Curry Kirwan Mayo Mayo
Moran Bryan, Jr. Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Darby Toormore, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Edward Levallinree Turlough Mayo
Moran Bryan Ross, West Turlough Mayo
Moran Bryan Garraghill Turlough Mayo
Moran Thomas Derrynagower Mayo Mayo
Moran James Lisbaun Meelick Mayo
Moran Dominick Cregg Manulla Mayo
Moran Catherine Lakeland Upper Manulla Mayo
Moran Thomas Tullyganny Kilmovee Mayo
Moran William Ballinrumpa Kilmovee Mayo
Moran William Kilmovee Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Thomas Glentavraun Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Thomas Cloonierin Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Owen Ballinrumpa Kilmovee Mayo
Moran Owen Glentavraun Kilmovee Mayo
Moran William Tullyganny Kilmovee Mayo
Moran John Ballindoo or Doocastle Kilturra Mayo
Moran John Aghtaboy Knock Mayo
Moran John Shanvaghera Knock Mayo
Moran John, Jr. Shanvaghera Knock Mayo
Moran Ellen Roosky Knock Mayo
Moran Ellen Faughil Knock Mayo
Moran Anne Faughil Knock Mayo
Moran Anthony Aghtaboy Knock Mayo
Moran Michael Cogaula Islandeady Mayo
Moran Martin Drumminwonagh Islandeady Mayo
Moran James, Jr. Farrannas-Culloge Ardagh Mayo
Moran James, Sr. Farrannas-Culloge Ardagh Mayo
Moran Johns Ballymanagh Ardagh Mayo
Moran James Farrannas-Culloge Ardagh Mayo
Moran Anthony Farrannas-Culloge Ardagh Mayo
Moran Stephen Leo Annagh Mayo
Moran Thomas Ballynastockagh Annagh Mayo
Moran Thomas Tulrohaun Annagh Mayo
Moran Edmond Mullaghawny Attymass Mayo
Moran Thomas Corrower Attymass Mayo
Moran Bridget Knocklahard Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran James Cloongowla Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran John Caher Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Bartholomew Cahernablauhy Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Anthony Rathcarreen Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Edward Ardboley, North Balla Mayo
Moran Anthony Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Patrick Levallyroe Annagh Mayo
Moran Patrick Leo Annagh Mayo
Moran Bridget Garraun Annagh Mayo
Moran Francis Leo Annagh Mayo
Moran James Leo Annagh Mayo
Moran Andrew Scregg Annagh Mayo
Moran Andrew Bargarriff Annagh Mayo
Moran Thomas Snugborough Aglish Mayo
Moran Thomas New Antrim Street Aglish Mayo
Moran James Scregg Annagh Mayo
Moran James, Jr. Abbeyquarter, Town of Ballyhaunis Annagh Mayo
Moran Mary Carrickmacantire Annagh Mayo
Moran Michael Largan Annagh Mayo
Moran Michael Lugboy Demesne Annagh Mayo
Moran John Lugboy Demesne Annagh Mayo
Moran John Largan Annagh Mayo
Moran James, Sr. Abbeyquarter, Town of Ballyhaunis Annagh Mayo
Moran John Coolnafarna Annagh Mayo
Moran John Cloonee Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Luke Cloonerneen Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Thomas Ballintober Ballintober Mayo
Moran Thomas Knockaraha Ballintober Mayo
Moran Thomas Skehanagh, Lower Ballintober Mayo
Moran Mary Drumminroe West Ballintober Mayo
Moran Martin Skehanagh, Lower Ballintober Mayo
Moran Martin Balloor, East Ballintober Mayo
Moran Martin Skehahagh Ballintober Mayo
Moran Daniel Derrynashask Ballyhean Mayo
Moran James Killadeer Ballyhean Mayo
Moran Bryan Stonehall Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran John Derrynamuck Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran John Gortaskibbole Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran ??? Carrowntreila Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Thomas Magherafadda Ballyhean Mayo
Moran Marcus Cloondeash Ballyhean Mayo
Moran Michael Drumminracahill Ballyhean Mayo
Moran John Derrynacannana Ballintober Mayo
Moran Bridget Balloor West Ballintober Mayo
Moran Michael Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Michael Cloonenagh Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Michael Knocknakillew Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Matthew Cornaroya Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Matthew Ballinrobe Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Martin Cahernamallaght Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Martin Cornaroya Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Michael Glebe Street Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Michael The Common Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran William Cloonee Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran William Knocknakillew Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Anne Cullentragh Ballintober Mayo
Moran Thomas Knocknakillew Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Patrick Cloongowla Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Patrick Abbey-Street Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Patrick Cloonerneen Ballinrobe Mayo
Moran Patrick Tawnylaheen Aglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Tawnycoolawee Aglish Mayo
Moran Austin Mace, South Aghagower Mayo
Moran James Drummindoo Aghagower Mayo
Moran James Knappagh Beg Aghagower Mayo
Moran Anthony Aghagower Aghagower Mayo
Moran Andrew Mace, South Aghagower Mayo
Moran Patrick Massbrook, Upper Addergoole Mayo
Moran Thomas Pollawarla Addergoole Mayo
Moran William Pollawarla Addergoole Mayo
Moran James Tevinish, West Aghagower Mayo
Moran John Ardogommon Aghagower Mayo
Moran John Lugrevagh Aghagower Mayo
Moran Mary Dooncastle Aghagower Mayo
Moran Michael Aille Aghagower Mayo
Moran John Garrow Aghagower Mayo
Moran John Drummindoo Aghagower Mayo
Moran John Doon Aghagower Mayo
Moran John Dooncastle Aghagower Mayo
Moran Michael Pollawarla Addergoole Mayo
Moran Mark Pollawarla Addergoole Mayo
Moran Mary Keel East Achill Mayo
Moran Michael Achillbeg Island Achill Mayo
Moran Michael Keel East Achill Mayo
Moran Francis Sraheens Achill Mayo
Moran Edward, Sr. Village of Dooagh Achill Mayo
Moran Edward, Jr. Slievemore Achill Mayo
Moran Edward, Jr. Village of Dooagh Achill Mayo
Moran Thomas Bolinglanna Achill Mayo
Moran Anne Claggarnagh, West Addergoole Mayo
Moran James Bracklagh Addergoole Mayo
Moran John Boleyglass Addergoole Mayo
Moran John Carton Addergoole Mayo
Moran Francis Pollawarla Addergoole Mayo
Moran Denis Cum Addergoole Mayo
Moran Bridget Massbrook, Upper Addergoole Mayo
Moran Catherine Pollawarla Addergoole Mayo
Moran Michael Corveagh Upper Aghagower Mayo
Moran Michael Derrygrave Aghagower Mayo
Moran William Ballinacostello Aghamore Mayo
Moran William Derrygay Aghamore Mayo
Moran Bridget Snugborough Aglish Mayo
Moran Thomas Crossbeg Aghamore Mayo
Moran Thomas Coogue, South Aghamore Mayo
Moran Thomas Carrowneden Aghamore Mayo
Moran Thomas Carton Aghamore Mayo
Moran Dominick Thomas Street Aglish Mayo
Moran Ellen Thomas Street Aglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowbrinoge Aglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Spencer-Street Aglish Mayo
Moran Patrick New Antrim St. Aglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Burren Aglish Mayo
Moran Owen Newtown Aglish Mayo
Moran Faro New Antrim Street Aglish Mayo
Moran Martin Linenhall Street Aglish Mayo
Moran Thomas Annagh Aghamore Mayo
Moran Peter Derrygay Aghamore Mayo
Moran Patrick Mace North Aghagower Mayo
Moran Patrick Toorbuck Aghagower Mayo
Moran Sabina Toberrooaun Aghagower Mayo
Moran Patrick Letterbrock Aghagower Mayo
Moran Patrick Drummindoo Aghagower Mayo
Moran Michael Knappagh Beg Aghagower Mayo
Moran Michael Toberrooaun Aghagower Mayo
Moran Thomas Corveagh Upper Aghagower Mayo
Moran Thomas Knappagh Beg Aghagower Mayo
Moran Michael Derrycashel Aghamore Mayo
Moran Patrick Annagh Aghamore Mayo
Moran Patrick Meeltran Aghamore Mayo
Moran John Annagh Aghamore Mayo
Moran Dominick Crossbeg Aghamore Mayo
Moran Thomas Tonlegee Aghagower Mayo
Moran Bridget Crossbeg Aghamore Mayo
Moran Michael Carrowntreila Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Michael Lissaniska, West Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Michael Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Michael Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Michael Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Michael Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Michael Dowagh, East Cong Mayo
Moran John Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Judith Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Martin Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Michl Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Tonaleeaun Cong Mayo
Moran Redmond Houndswood, North. Cong Mayo
Moran Sarah Drumsheel Upper Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Cong North Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Lislaughera Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Lackafinna Cong Mayo
Moran John Drumelly Cong Mayo
Moran John Ballymacgibbon, North Cong Mayo
Moran Thomas Rosgalliv Burrishoole Mayo
Moran William Knockbrega Burrishoole Mayo
Moran William Roskeen, North Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Thomas Dooghbeg Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Thomas Derryloughanmore Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Thomas Cuilmore Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Thomas Derrintaggart Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Andrew Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Anthony Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran James Dowagh, West Cong Mayo
Moran James Kildun More Cong Mayo
Moran James Cong North Cong Mayo
Moran James Ballymacgibbon, North Cong Mayo
Moran Edmond Cong North Cong Mayo
Moran Bartley Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Bartley Kildun Beg Cong Mayo
Moran Patrick Scardaun, West Crossboyne Mayo
Moran Anthony Carrowkeel Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Theodore Middlequarter Inishbofin Mayo
Moran William Middlequarter Inishbofin Mayo
Moran Anne Rinnaseer Islandeady Mayo
Moran Thad, Jr. Cloonamore Inishbofin Mayo
Moran Michael Middlequarter Inishbofin Mayo
Moran Thomas Cloonlynchaghaun Drum Mayo
Moran Bryan Middlequarter Inishbofin Mayo
Moran Catherine Beltra Islandeady Mayo
Moran Dominick Drumminaguncan Islandeady Mayo
Moran John Kilfea Islandeady Mayo
Moran Mark Graffa More Islandeady Mayo
Moran Martin Derrgowla Islandeady Mayo
Moran John Drumminaguncan Islandeady Mayo
Moran James Drumminaguncan Islandeady Mayo
Moran Ellen Tawnyeeny Islandeady Mayo
Moran Francis Drumminaguncan Islandeady Mayo
Moran Patrick Ballaghfarna Drum Mayo
Moran Michael Ballaghfarna Drum Mayo
Moran Mary Carrowkilleen Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Patrick Ballyscanlan Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowkeel Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Martin Letterbrick Crossmolina Mayo
Moran John Tobermore Crossmolina Mayo
Moran James Lecarrow Crossmolina Mayo
Moran John Carrowkeel Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowkilleen Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Patrick, Jr. Enagh Beg Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Edmond Corrabaun Drum Mayo
Moran Edmond Curry Drum Mayo
Moran James Ballaghfarna Drum Mayo
Moran Thomas Srahlaghy Doonfeeny Mayo
Moran Anne Carrownisky, Town of Ballycastle Doonfeeny Mayo
Moran Patrick, Sr. Enagh Beg Crossmolina Mayo
Moran William Ballyvicmaha Crossmolina Mayo
Moran Thomas Callowbrack Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Thady Cloonfoher Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Carrowcastle Bohola Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowcastle Bohola Mayo
Moran Thomas Tooromin Bohola Mayo
Moran Jeremiah Carrowcastle Bohola Mayo
Moran Catherine Carroward Bohola Mayo
Moran Michael Tawnaghmore Bekan Mayo
Moran Thomas Derrymore Bekan Mayo
Moran Thomas Tooraree Bekan Mayo
Moran Thomas Tooromin Bohola Mayo
Moran Timothy Ballinlag Bohola Mayo
Moran Dominick Cushlecka Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Edward Newport Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Edward Newport, Newbridge-Lane Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Bridget Derrintaggart Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Andrew Cloonfoher Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Thomas Carrick Hill Breaghwy Mayo
Moran Thady Raheenduff Burriscarra Mayo
Moran Michael Keebagh Bekan Mayo
Moran John Clagnagh Bekan Mayo
Moran Patrick Gortaskibbole Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Stonehall Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Thomas Corraveggaun, West Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Derrynamuck Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Patrick Corraveggaun, West Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Michael Shannasmore Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Michael Sraheen Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran Thomas Sraheen Ballynahaglish Mayo
Moran John Cloonlagheen Ballyovey Mayo
Moran Anthony Island Bekan Mayo
Moran Dominick Larganboy, West Bekan Mayo
Moran John Carrowreagh Bekan Mayo
Moran William Lecarrow Ballysakeery Mayo
Moran Catherine Tooreenphilip Ballysakeery Mayo
Moran Luke Treanlaur Ballyovey Mayo
Moran Timothy Cloonee Ballyovey Mayo
Moran Frank Roskeen, South Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Hugh Carrowbeg, North Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Michael Cushlecka Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Michael Doontrusk Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Michael Graffy Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Michael Carrowsallagh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Mary Rosturk Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Martin Roskeen, South Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Martin Rosturk Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Michael Knockeeragh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Callowbrack Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Knockalegan Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Lettermaghera, North Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Rosgalliv Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Derradda Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Clooneshil Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrow More Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Patrick Carrowsallagh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Martin Roskeen, South Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Martin Meennacloghfinny Burrishoole Mayo
Moran James Meennacloghfinny Burrishoole Mayo
Moran James Roskeen, South Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Cushlecka Burrishoole Mayo
Moran James Knockeeragh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran James Carrowsallagh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Hugh Raigh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran James Carrowkeel Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Dooghbeg Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Knockbrega Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Sandhill Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Martin Bunnahowna Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Martin Dooghill Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Newfield Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Murrevagh Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Knockmanus Burrishoole Mayo
Moran John Meennacloghfinny Burrishoole Mayo
Moran Edward Slievemore Achill Mayo

Mayo has quite a long history. A quick overview follows. Archaeologists have found evidence of a large Mayo settlement in the New Stone Age (3500-2000BC). The earliest known land enclosure in the world, called "Ceide Fields" is located in Mayo. Ten percent of Ireland's megalithic tombs (burial chambers) are found in Mayo.

There is evidence that Mayo continued to have settlements through the Bronze Age (2000-4000BC) and the Early Iron Age (400 BC - 400 AD). One of the earliest peoples to settle Ireland, the Fir-Bolg landed in and operated from County Mayo.

St. Patrick spent extensive time in Mayo and is associated with Croagh Patrick, Aghgower and Foghill. Beginning in the seventh century there were many monastic sites established in Mayo. Most notable is the abbey founded at Cong by St. Feichin and Mayo Abbey founded in 627 by the English St. Colman. The abbey was founded on a plain of yews, Maigh Eo in ancient Gaelic, and thus the basis for the name of the diocese and then the county later.

Round-towers built in the eighth century give evidence of Viking raids. Examples are in Killala and Turlough. In 1120, Cong Abbey was founded and three years later the Cross of Cong was made. The diocese of Mayo was established in 1152 at the Synod of Kells.

Although the English invaded Ireland with the Normans in 1169, it wasn't until 1235 that they arrived in Mayo. The Normans brought to Mayo the surnames: Burke, Bourke, Jennings, Davitt, Gibbons, Costello, Gordon, Culkin and many more.

During the period 1240 - 1470, a great many friaries were established in Mayo.

In 1427 a monastery for the Eremites of the Order of St. Augustine was founded in Ardnaree.

The fifteenth century saw a great many turf battles between families. The O'Donnells of Donegal attempted to push their way into Connacht as did the O'Connors of Roscommon and Sligo, and the O'Kellys of Galway and east Roscommon. They were always met by the Burkes (De Burgo) families of Mayo and Galway. When they weren't fighting as allies these two Burke families were fighting each other.

Mayo was officially established as a county in 1570. It took its name from Mayo Diocese which had gotten its name from Mayo Abbey founded just southeast of Castlebar.

In one of the Burke internecine quarrels arose Grace O'Malley, a renowned pirate queen who operated from Clare Island in Clew Bay. In 1576, Grace offered two of her ships and two hundred fighting men to the Mayo Burkes.

In 1585, in another dispute, 2,000 Scotch mercenaries arrived in Connacht on behalf of the Burkes who were in revolt against the British. They were routed and a great slaughter ensued at Ardnaree.

In the Summer of 1588, the Great Spanish Armarda was shipwrecked off the western coast of Ireland in Broad Haven and Blacksod Bays. Many a Spanish galleon found itself on the rocks of Mayo. Survivors made their way into Mayo only to be robbed, imprisoned or slaughtered by English forces.

The pattern of land ownership in Mayo was never static in the sixteenth century as various clans obtained political influence or control and as English administration tightened its control over Ireland.

In 1631 the Diocese of Mayo was absorbed into Tuam.

The Cromwellian Settlement began in 1641 and ended in 1651 with a stern English regime in absolute control of Mayo and the rest of Ireland. Soldiers and adventurers who served Cromwell were rewarded with grants of lands in Mayo as well as elsewhere. Families that were displaced, if they were found to have been innocent of supporting anti-Cromwellian forces, were then found lands of equal size in Connacht which of course meant many came to Mayo.

Cromwell's soldiers plundered Mayo in 1653. The Morans of Ardnaree and Ballina had to move somewhere as Ballina was awarded to Cromwell's military.




















In the map above you see the original Crowell Plan for the Settlement of Ireland, but it was changed to include to all of Sligo, and Leitrum and that part of Mayo on the Eastern shore of Lough Conn and below using the Moy River as a rough guide as you can see in the map >

Thus the Moran strongholds of Ballina, Foxford were given over to Cromwell's Army.

There were some minor famines in Mayo in the 1600's. The most miserable daily problem for the Irish of Mayo and elsewhere during this time were the "Penal Laws" established in 1695 This gave social privilege to English or English allies only. Irish were not allowed to vote or own property, enter the service, speak Gaelic or even own a horse. This led to a wave of emigration as Mayo Irish sought opportunity to have religious, social and economic freedom. One of the early emigrants from County Mayo was William Brown of Foxford who left Mayo in 1786. Thirty years later, he was the"Father of the Argentine Navy" and is still revered as an Argentine hero today.

Emigrants from Mayo in the early 1700s settled on the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Montserrat. Toward the end of the decade they were going to Australia, America and Canada.

Ballina, a seaport with the River Moy running through it, was founded in 1729 by O'Hara, Lord Tyrawley who built the first street.

There were agrarian disturbances in Tirawley in the 1790's and an influx of displaced Ulster Catholics in 1795 made for some pressure but it was nothing compared to the events of 1798. County Leinster and east Ulster broke into armed rebellion in June of that year. France decided to make a move and take advantage of the rebellions to assist the Catholics of Ireland who had sought for so long any help against the tyrannical Protestant British overlords.

Their timing was off, because by the time they got around to doing something the British had crushed the Ulster rebels in a battle in County Down and others, two months earlier, near Enniscorthy in County Wexford at a place called Vinegar Hill.

The "Year of the French" as it became known began on August 22, 1798. French forces numbering about 1,000 men under General Joseph Amable Humbert of Lorraine landed at Killala Bay. Humbert captured Killala and Ballina. The Catholic Irish flocked to his banner. On August 26, Humbert with about 700 French and an equal number of Irish pushed by forced march to Castlebar where they surprised the British garrison under the command of General Lake. The garrison was made up of about 1,700 men, mostly Irish militia. After a short engagement the militia withdrew and then ran from the scene going all the way to Tuam, County Galway. They were quickly joined by the remainder of the garrison. This incident became known as the "races of Castlebar."

Humbert waited in Castlebar for eight days for his expeditionary force to be reinforced with a French Army. He established a Republic of Connacht and appointed John Moore, a young Catholic gentleman from an estate near Lough Carra to be President. John Moore's son, George Moore became the famous writer.

Receiving no orders, instructions or help from his superiors, Humbert marched to Sligo and won a skirmish at Collooney. There he heard of a rebellion in Leitrim and Longford. He rushed to support it.

At Ballinmuck in County Longford on September 8, 1798, Humbert faced a force fives times his led by the English Generals Cornwallis and Lake. Humbert came to terms for his 850 troops and officers. They were allowed to gracefully retire from Ireland aboard French ships. The more than a thousand Irish allies who welcomed General Humbert and joined forces with him suddenly found themselves on their own. They were quickly slaughtered. Cornwallis pursued the Irish back to Killala which briefly held out until it to was put to the sword. Anyone suspected of assisting the rebels were massacred as the British went through the Mayo countryside with no mercy.

The year 1800 saw passage of the Act of Union under which Ireland ceased to be a separate kingdom and became just a part of the British Isles. The American victory over the British in the War of 1812 encouraged many a discouraged Irishman to leave for America. Catholic agitation led by the famed Daniel O'Connell resulted in Catholic Emancipation. Catholics were allowed to vote, run for office and even attend schools. O'Connell then worked to repeal the Act of Union. He was arrested and the movement is stalled.

The Great Hunger and famine of 1845-1849 greatly affected Mayo. Over 100,000 people died. About that number emigrated. Though people from Mayo had emigrated earlier, they never stopped leaving after the famine.

Mayo famine emigrants went mostly to America- to New York, Boston, Philadelphia. There were groups of emigrants from Ballina who settled in Scranton, Pennsylvania and others from Louisburgh that settled in Clinton, Massachusetts. A large group of Mayo emigrants went to cities in northern England. Those Mayo families tended to come from eastern Mayo. They settled in Bury and Rochdale, England. These groups attracted others from the same areas to follow during later years so that each of the cities named outside of Mayo had a sizeable Mayo immigrant population before long.

The report of an appearance of the Blessed Mother at Knock occurred in 1879 on August 21. There is a beautiful church, The Basilica of Our Lady, Queen of Ireland, at Knock to commemorate the event. The church attracts over one and a half million pilgrims every year. Pope John Paul visited in 1979 and Mother Theresa of Calcutta in 1993.

Eighteen seventy nine (1879) was also the year the Mayo Land League was founded and local Michael Davitt emerged as a leader in the land movement which had as its basis to place land in the hands of the tenant farmers.

Mayo figured prominently in the land war. The term "boycott" evolved because of a determination by people in Mayo to ostracize the efforts of the land agent, Captain Boycott.

The famous Foxford Woolen Mills opened in 1892.

Major John McBride of Westport, County Mayo was among the leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916. McBride who had led a small Irish Brigade against the English in the Boer War in South Africa was married to the beautiful Maud Gonne. Their son was Sean McBride an international lawyer of renown who has won the Nobel and Lenin Peace Prizes. He is the author of the McBride Principles.

Major John McBride was captured by the British and executed.

Though the Irish, through the landslide election of Sinn Fein candidates in 1918 had clearly indorsed independence, the British ignored the results, but did allow a separate Irish parliament.

The emergence of a war for independence in Ireland had several incidents in Mayo. These were in Foxford, Islandeady, Toormakeady, Kimeena and Carrowkennedy. A truce declared in July, 1921 led to the Anglo-Irish treaty of December. It also led to a split among the Irish that brought about a civil war that began in 1922. There were a few incidents in Mayo, but none like the tragic atrocities that took place elsewhere. In 1923 the war was over but the nation was unable to heal itself for many, many years.

A Mayo team won the national All-Ireland Gaelic Football Championship for the first time in 1936 and then again in 1950 and 1951. That last year also saw the filming of The Quiet Man directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara and Barry Fitzgerald in Cong.

In the 1970's industry came to Mayo in the form of plants for Asahi and Allergan Pharmaceuticals.

Most recently (1995) the election of Mary Robinson to President of Ireland filled the residents of Mayo with pride. Mrs. Robinson has been mentioned as a candidate for the Secretary-General of the United Nations. She serves today as the U.N. Commissioner for Human Rights. Other politicians have came from Mayo including Charles J. Haughey of Castlebar, Joseph Blowick of Balla and Thomas O'Connell of Bekan to name a few.

The Ambassador to the United states from Ireland, in 1997, was a Mayo man, Sean O hUiginn. O hUginn was formerly the Irish ambassador to Saudia Arabia and Denmark. He also has been the Consul General in New York City.

Americans with ties to Mayo whose names you might recall include: Bill Dwyer, Paul O'Dywer, Tom Foley, Mrs. Pat Nixon, Cardinal James Gibbons, Father Andrew Greeley, Grace Kelly, Mel Gibson, Gene Tunney and "Gentleman" Jim Corbett to name a few.

That concludes the brief history of County Mayo.

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