Pictures of Carrowkeel from our Dutch friends the van Estriks-

This is a photograph of the land of my and many other's forefathers. That's Edmond van Estrik with some friends standing on the property the van Estrik's bought from Josephine Leonard Moran. On the back of this photograph Edmund points out that those are the Ox Mountains in the left background and the Nephin range on the right.

Edmond and Aine van Estrik looking at the far southeast end of their property with Mount Nephin in the background.


Edmond's notes and map from the back of the above photo.

Aine standing at the far end of the property . In his notes on the back Edmond writes that this is bog country and that peat is still dug a few hundred yards away from this spot. Those are the Ox mountains in the righthand background.

Edmond and Aine on either side of Josephine Moran Leonard and her grandson in front of Josephine's home.

Another photo from the van Estriks, these were taken in August, 2000

Paddy Moran talking with Aine about the ruins of the old Moran cottage that sits on his property. This is the house in which Patrick John Moran (my Grandfather) was born and probably his father, Michael Moran.

There are more photos from the van Estrik's of Paddy and the old Moran cottage in the section about Paddy's family (Michael Moran and Maria Caden,The Cadens, Cousins).

Many thanks to Edmond and Aine for sharing these photos with us.


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