All the children of Michael Moran and Maria Lynskey are not known. We do know of three sons and one sister: Michael, Patrick, Andrew and Mary.

PATRICK..............................................Patrick Moran, brother of Michael Moran

Patrick, who lived to be 98 years old, married Margaret Hefferon. They had seven children, three daughters: Bridget, Margaret born in 1884 and Mary born in 1887. They also had four sons: John, Martin born in 1876, William, and Patrick born in 1882.

John came to America and never married. He died in California.

Martin Moran came to America and lived with his sister Mary in Massachusetts until his death in 1961.

A young Martin Moran When he was much older

William also never married. He stayed in Ireland and died at the young age of 23 from tuberculosis.

William Moran stands below his brother Patrick

Patrick inherited the family farm. He married Catherine and had two or three children.

One of these children, Patrick, stayed on the farm and married Delia ............Patrick, who married Delia >

Patrick "Pakie" Moran and Delia Moran in 2000 >

In 1994 Delia was widowed and living on the farm (as Delia Moran is known to not be in possession of what we know as the Moran family farm. The original, larger farm was subdivided among brothers at some point).

Bridget came to America but returned to Ireland where it is believed she married a James Kelly.


Mary married Patrick Traynor and is discussed in the Traynor section.

Mary Moran Traynor

Margaret went to the United States where she married a Swedish citizen, Wilhelm Nelson on September 5, 1917.


Margaret Moran, mother of the Swedish Morans

Margaret and Wilhelm had four children: Lily in 1918, twin boys John and William in 1920 and Mary in 1923. Margaret died in 1924 at 39 years of age due to complications in giving birth to a baby, Paul. Paul died the day after his mother. The grieving Wilhelm Nelson went back to his native Sweden, taking his children with him. Wilhelm Nelson died in Malmö, Sweden in 1964. His son William died there in 1987. The other children: Lily, Mary and John were still there in 1994 when James Ahern (see section on Traynors) found them. They were very thankful for the contact and sent him a letter in which they sent:

Lots and lots of love and greetings to

everybody who knows who we are.

In September, 1995, Lily (Nelson) Kryger, daughter of Margaret (Moran) and Wilhelm Nelson, and Lily's niece, Kelly, daughter of Lily's brother William, visited the Boston area and met members of their Irish family. Obviously, William was in touch with his Irish and Moran roots as evidenced by the name he gave his daughter in Sweden. Lily and Kelly stayed with Jim Ahern. Lily was very grateful to the Jim for fulfilling a life-long wish to visit her mother's grave.


Liily Nielson Kruger, one of the Swedish Morans, at her mother's grave (also the grave of the infant Paul and of her uncle, Martin Moran)

Lily does not speak English so Kelly did all the translating. While at the Aherns they celebrated Kelly's birthday and Lily gave her a ring that her father Wilhelm had given to Margaret Moran 75 years ago. After his wife's death in 1924, Wilhelm took it back to Sweden with him. When Lily presented it to Kelly it was still in the original Boston jeweler's box. Jim Ahern said the presentation of the ring to Kelly was a very special moment. The photos on this page are courtesy of Alice Williams. Alice is the daughter of Mary Moran who married Pat Traynor.

ANDREW, as mentioned earlier, worked as a shoemaker and lived in Crossmolina. It is not known if he married.


Mary Moran, the daughter of Michael and Maria(LYNSKEY) Moran, married Patrick Carey. They had only one child, John Carey. He married Mary Mulhern. It is interesting to note that a John Carey was a witness in the parish register to the wedding of Michael Moran and Mary Caden and that Michael Moran and Mary Caden were shown as Godparents to Mary Mulhern on her 1904 Baptismal certificate. The Carey family lived in Lahadon, located on the west side of Lough Conn at the foot of Nephin Mountain.

John and Mary (Mulhern also seen as Mulherin) Carey had seven children. Follow this link to the Carey and allied families: Cunniff, Beggan, Guilfoyle, DiMella, Regan, Aldrich, Burke, Jabour, Sullivan, Kelly, Kerr, Preskanis, Davidson, Haran and Sammon >

The following is from an e-mail sent me about the Carey's

Hello Gerard,

I've been looking at your interesting website, and recognised a couple of names. Although we're not related, we share a couple of relatives.

Firstly, Patrick Carey. I believe he is the brother of my great great grandmother Honor Carey who married Thomas McHale from Gortnahurra. I have no written evidence to link Patrick and Honor but Honor Carey McHale's descendants know she came from Derreen/Boughadoon and was related to the Carey family who lived there. There seems to have been only one Carey family in this townland. Also, Patrick's descendants in Boughadoon know they are related to the McHale's from Gortnahurra. Although both families knew they were related, they weren't sure how. I've worked out that Honor and Patrick had to be brother and sister. I dont know if there were other siblings. I was aware that Patrick married Mary Moran and that their son John married Mary Mulheran. I didn't know where Mary Moran came from, and I was pleased to find out the answer from your website. So thank you. I can't fathom out though whether Mary Moran was a sister of the Michael Moran who was married to Mary Lynskey, or whether Mary was a daughter of Michael Moran and Mary Lynskey, and thus a sister of the Michael who married Mary Caden. I think you mentioned both possibilities on your website, and I wasn't clear if you made a final decision on which Michael she was the sister to. I would say that Patrick Carey was of the same generation as the Michael who was married to Mary Lynskey. However, Mary could have been a lot younger than Patrick and she could be either generation. Did you come to a final conclusion?

Mary Moran and Patrick Carey's son, John would be a first cousin of Honor Carey's daughter, Catherine McHale. Catherine was my great grandmother and she was married to Patrick H. Diamond from Calliaghadoo, Moygownagh. Catherine though was nearly 20 years older than John Carey. Catherine did have a younger brother Michael who was about John's age but I don't know how often they met up. All this means is that I am related to John's descendants who went to America. I'd be third or fourth cousins. At a guess I'd say those in the approx 50-70 age range which I'm in, would be a 3rd cousin to my father who would be nearly 90 if he were alive. I'd be a 4th cousin to the generation below me. We're out of sinque because of the age gaps in families years ago.

Secondly, Bridget McHale who was married to Michael Moran - Michael being the brother of your granddad, Patrick John Moran. Bridget was a first cousin to my grandfather, Patrick Diamond from Calliaghadoo. Bridget is also the granddaughter of Honor Carey McHale, the sister of Patrick Carey. (Bridget's father was Michael McHale). This means that the children and descendants of Bridget McHale and Michael Moran are doubly related to the descendants of John Carey. Both families would be carrying both the Moran bloodline and the Carey bloodline

I'm currently researching a number of different bloodlines on my fathers side - and its never ending as I'm sure you're aware. My mother came from Co Leitrim, and the number of relatives I have there is nothing like the hundreds in Mayo.

I'll leave it there for now

Kathleen Diamond


Michael Moran, my great grandfather, was another son of Michael Moran and Maria Lynskey. He was born in 1843. He married Mary Caden (one `d' in the parish records). She was born in 1858* and they married on February 3, 1876, in Crossmolina. They lived in Carrowkeel.

*this figure is from her headstone, there is evidence that she was born in 1855.

Maria, or Mary, Moran at Carrowkeel in 1923

In parish records, the wife of Michael Moran is shown as both Maria and Mary in different places. Her gravestone, dedicated by her grandson Patrick (Paddy), shows her name as Maria. We know her mother's name was Merrick, a Welsh name that has been in Connacht since the thirteenth century.

There are two marriages between a Caden and a Merrick in the Crossmolina Parish Register showing the baptism of a daughter named Mary and none for a Maria. Pat Caden married Bridget Merrick at Crossmolina on February 15, 1855. They lived in Killeen. A daughter, Mary, of this couple was baptized at the church in Crossmolina. However, her baptism is shown in 1868, which means she would only have been eight years old when our Mary Caden married Michael Moran in 1876.

There is another Mary Caden in the church records at Crossmolina Parish. She was the daughter of Pat Caden and Barbara Merrick, also of Killeen. She was baptized on December 10, 1855 which would make her 21 at the time of her marriage, if she were the Mary Caden.

Maria Caden's father, according to family tradition, was John Caden; and her mother was Maria Merrick. This despite the fact the parish register at Crossmolina shows many Cadens and Merricks, but not a John and Maria.


In November of 2001, Kate Sullivan, daughter of Kae Moran Sullivan, was contacted by a Bill Merrick who related that Peter Merrickof Ballyscanlon (south of Carrowkilleen) married and had a son, John, in about 1800. John married Catherine Noone (born ~1809) and had seven children: Bridget, Martin, Mary, Cate, Thomas, Peter and William Merrick. Follow this link to see known family information: birth, marriages, children and deaths >

One of these, Bridget, married Patrick Caden. Pat and Bridget Caden had a daughter they named Mary who grew up to marry a Michael Moran of Carrowkeel in 1876.. Thus from accumulating evidence it would appear that Mary/Maria Caden who married our Michael Moran was the daughter of Patrick Caden and Bridget Merrick of Killeen who were married in Crossmolina in December, 1855. Bridget's father was John Merrick who was born in about 1800 and that his father was Peter Merrick.

Bill Merrick, the source of this information, is the great grandson of Peter Merrick a brother to Bridget Merrick.


Edward MacLysaght lists the Caden name as a variant of Mac Adam. There are several origins in Ireland for the name, MacAdam. The closest to North Lough Conn being a place name, Ballymacadam in Clanmorris barony in County Mayo.

There is a Patrick Caden shown in the Crossmolina Parish register as a parent along with Bridget Merrick for the Baptism of son, John on January 5, 1835. They were shown as living in Moytogue.

Paddy Moran, tells us that Maria/Mary Caden had two sisters, Ann and Bridget.

To add to the confusion, there are in the parish records the baptisms of an Ann (1859), Bridget(1865) and a Mary (1868) to a Pat Caden and Bridget Merrick.

Paddy goes on to say Ann Caden married a Hegarty from Algarage in Moygownagh parish, and Bridget, married a Turnbull from Crossmolina. One of Bridget's daughters married Anthony Davis of Gleghan's in Ballina. Their son, Willie Davis, became a priest. He was the parish priest of Cooneal, Ballina and was 70 years old in the 1970's.

Click on the link to the Merricks above to see the other children of Pat Caden and Bridget Merrick.


Known cousins were Annie and Ellie Clougher of New Jersey. Annie married Tom Bratton and had a son, Thomas. Mary Moran, daughter of John Moran and Agnes Dowd, believes they were related through an Aunt Roach of Patrick Moran's. This Aunt Roach sponsored Patrick when he arrived in New York in 1900.

Mary "Mamie" Shebel was another cousin. She lived in East Boston and married a man named Newell. There was a falling out with the Morans and she visited infrequently. Mary had two sons. John died a baby and William. When her husband Newell deserted her and William, she put him up in a Catholic Boarding Home in Boston. William would spend his holidays at Patrick and Bea Moran's home. No doubt his mother visited him there. He married and moved to Florida. Mamie married again to a Frank Mills. My aunt,Rita Moran, was Frank's god-mother when

he converted to Catholicism before his marriage to Mamie.

Michael Moran died on September 4, 1920. He was 77 years old. Maria (Caden) Moran died on May 28, 1928 when she was 70 years old. Both are buried in Kilmurray Cemetery located 4.5 miles SW of Crossmolina.

The family tree from Michael Moran of Carrowkeel forward to Patrick John Moran (who married Bridget Agnes Traynor) is as follows:


Michael Moran

> Michael Moran

Maria Lynskey

> Patrick John Moran

Patrick Caden

> Mary Caden

Bridget Merrick


The children of my Great Grandparents Michael Moran and Mary Caden (their stories are told in the next section in reverse order) were:

I. Patrick John married Bridget Traynor. They had 11 children.

II. John died at birth

III. John P. married Agnes Dowd. They had eight children.

IV. Catherine "Auntie Katie" never married.

V. Mary married Thomas O'Malley and had five children.

VI. Beatrice married Austin O'Malley and had six children.

VI. Michael married Bridget McHale, they had five children.

VIII. Thomas never married.

IX. Anne married Anthony Donegan. They had five children.

X. Ellen married John Harrison and had no children.

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