X. Ellen Moran came to America sometime in the early or mid-1920s. She is remembered as a very pleasant person and very attractive. She visited with relatives in the Boston area but was drawn back to Ireland. She went back with her brother Thomas and Elizabeth Traynor (sister of Bridget Agnes Traynor, wife of Patrick John Moran. There, she married John Harrison. They lived in a two story house in Rahns on the Traynor side (east) of the River Deel. They had no children. John Harrison died and Ellen sold the home and moved into Crossmolina in a home across from the Dolphin Pub. Ellen Moran Harrison died in the 1970s.



IX. Anne Moran married married Anthony Donegan. Anthony owned and operated a meat market, Donegan's Meat Market at 18 Hyde Park Avenue in Jamaica Plain. They had five children. Their first children were identical twins, Peter Vincent Donegan and A. Joseph Donegan.

Peter Vincent Dongan was born September 16, 1921. He was known as "Vinnie." He married Agnes B. Koski who was also a twin born December 17, 1931. Vinnie went into the Navy during WWII and went right from there into his father's meat market the day he was discharged. He enjoyed sailing with his brother. They had three children:

Susan Marie born on Christmas Day, 1961.

Peter Vincent, Jr. born October 29, 1963

Timothy Chistopher, born September 13, 1968

Vinnie died of heart disease April 30, 1986.

A. Joseph Donegan, born September 16, 1921, married Nancy Warner. She was born May 24, 1934.A. Joseph Donegan was known as Joseph or Joe. He was a court reporter and an avid golfer. They had two children:

Carmel, born September 10, 1960, who married Peter Bennett. He was born August 1, 1958. They had a son:

Connor Joseph born June 1, 1995.

Anthony, born April 25, 1962, is not married.

Stephen Leslie Donegan born December 26, 1922 also worked in the meat market. He married married Marion Therese Dailey. She was born November 23 1925. They had three children:

Stephen Leslie, Jr., who married Marie Hooley. They had three children:

Brain Stephen



William Joseph married Kathleen Owens. They had three daughters:




Paul Anthony married Anne Campbell. They had two children:



That marriage was annulled and Paul married Donna Eklund. They adopted two children:



Paul died tragically in 1990 when only 39 years old in a traffic accident.

John Francis Donegan, born July 31, 1924, married H. Frances Larkin on May 30, 1951. They had four children:

John Francis Donegan, Jr., who married Mary Grealish. They had three children:




Marie Frances Donegan born in 1954 married John Spindler. They had three children:




Carol Anne Donegan married Bill Stanton. They had three children:




Clare Frances Donegan married David Anderson. They had three children:


Thomas John


They are now divorced.

Dorothy Marie Donegan married James Francis White in 1952. They had six children:

Ann-Marie born in 1953 who married Ralph Anthony Ianuzzi in 1978. They have two children:

Joseph Elio Iannuzzi born in 1985

Elizabeth Dorothy Iannuzzi born in 1988

Kathleen "Kathy" White born in 1954 married John Henry McGillvray in 1977. They have two children:

Michael John McGillvray born in 1982

Kaitlyn Marie McGillvray born in 1985

Rosemary White, born in 1957, never married.

Richard James White, born in 1958, married Mary Ann Pursley in 1985. They had two children:

Stephanie White born in 1988

Lauren White born in 1993

Gerald Thomas "Gerry" White, born in 1959, married Ann M. McKenna in 1994.

James Anthony White, born in 1960, married Maryellen Beatty in 1992. They have three children:

Kevin White born in 1992

Olivia White born in 1994

Brendan White born in 1995

Stephen Robert White, born in 1973, is unmarried

VIII. Thomas Moran came to America and lived for a time in the Boston area with his sister Mary.




Thomas Moran is the Godfather of Kae (Moran) Sullivan. He returned to Ireland with his sister Ellen and Elizabeth Traynor, the sister of Bridget Agnes Traynor. He moved back to Carrowkeel and died in the house on the old homestead that was built in the 1930's to replace an earlier one. Thomas never married. He was well liked and a handsome man. He had a bad leg or hip. Many of the Moran babies had hip problems when they were born. Thomas Moran died August 26, 1947.

Michael and Bridget Moran in 1922, the musical family in 1944. Josephine, Jess, Rita

and father Michael in front row and Madeline, mother Bridget and Paddy standing

VII. Michael Moran married Bridget McHale. They stayed on the Moran farm at Carrowkeel and it eventually became theirs. They had five children:

> Madeline who married John "Jack" Loftus. They had three sons:

Gerard married

Martin.................Martin, Thomas and Gerard Loftus


Rita married Austin Moran (no relation)

..............................................................Rita Moran with her sister Josephine (Moran) Leonard and her son Martin

Tess married Don Malloy. They live in Scotland > .

Josephine, "Josie" married Thomas Leonard.

Patrick, "Paddy" a professional fiddler and fiddle maker, never married.

"Paddy" inherited the Moran family farm and is the last Moran on the family homestead in Carrowkeel. The house is not the original Moran home. Only a gable is left of it. The home Paddy lives in was built in the 1930s.

< Paddy Moran >

Paddy was a well known fiddler. He had a tin fiddle made from the door panels of an old Anglia car. Paddy played in various bands from the 1930s through the 1980s. The last band he played with was known as the Firbolgs. Paddy is gone now (2005), the last Moran of our Carrowkeel Morans to work the farm at Carrowkeel.

< In an earlier time with his fiddle

Paddy Moran talking with Aine van Estrik in August, 2000 about the ruins of the old Moran cottage that sits on his property. This is the house in which lived Michael Moran and Maria Caden and where Patrick John Moran (my Grandfather) was born. Michael Moran's parents, Michael Moran and Maria Lynskey, in all probability lived there as well.

The b&w pictures above of Paddy, Madeline, Tess, Rita, Josephine and sons, and the previous page picture of Pakie and Delia Moran are courtesy of Mary (Loftus) Moss who found them in the annual Crossmolina Chronicles.

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