The Children and Grand children of Michael Moran and Maria Caden Moran Continued

Aine and Paddy beside the largest part of the old Moran cottage

Close up of Aine and Paddy at the wall of the old Moran cottage. Aine and her husband, Edmond, are teachers from the Netherlands who have bought land from the old Moran homestead and are building a home next to Paddy Moran's lot for their retirement.

Michael Moran died on February 12, 1961. Bridget died on November 12, 1961..

VI. Beatrice married Austin O'Malley. She was originally called Bridget. She was born in 1890 in Crossmolina. Austin was born in Ireland at Cross, Louisburgh in County Mayo in 1886. He was one of fourteen children, eight boys and six girls. Austin came to the United States in 1912 and lived in Dorchester and South Boston. He worked for the Boston Elevator Company and then at the Fore River Shipyard. He met Bridget "Beatrice" Moran in 1919. They were married in 1921. They moved back to Ireland after the first child was born and lived in the O'Malley homestead in Cross where they raised six children. Bridget "Beatrice" died in 1962 at 72 years of age. Austin died in 1973 at 87.

Austin, the only child born in the U. S. was baptized in St. Augustine Church in South Boston. Three months after his birth his parents left for Ireland. Austin married Ann and had seven children. Austin died in 1992.




John Francis

Michael Joe


Vincent (twin of Noel)

John married Mary McDonnell in Boston and had four children. They settled in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Patricia M. married Vincent Picardi. They had two children:

Emily E.

Vincent P.

Noreen T. married Kevin McCarthy. They had two children:

Kevin A.

John L.



Mary, also called Maureen, married Ken West. They live in Coventry, England. We only know of three of their children:

Colin married Denise. They had twin girls:



Sharon married Stephan Hamilton of the United States. They have two daughters:



Kevin married Mary. They have four children.

Teresa "Tess" married John Doherty and had four children. They also emigrated to Coventry.





Rita married John Lyons and had three children. John Lyons died in ~1986.

Patrick married Ann

Jack never married

Linda married Spencer Neal. The Neals live in Virginia. They had two daughters and a son:



Spencer III

Philomena married Derek Taylor and had five children. They originally lived in England where the children were all born. They all moved to Ireland in the 1970s (except Jackie):

Marie married Michael McDonough and had three children:




John married Eileen Barry. They had no children.


Ann married Patrick Morrison. They had four children:





Jackie married Philip Hedley. They lived in London and moved to Louisburgh in County Mayo.

V. Mary (sister of Bridget "Beatrice") married Thomas O'Malley (brother of Austin O'Malley) in Boston in 1914. They had five children.

Mary Florence, called Florence, first married William McKinnon, a lieutenant in the U. S. Navy lost in WWII They had no children. Florence later married Frederick Donal, called Don, Waltman and had three children:


Thomas married Debbie and had three children:






Florence is widowed and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Thomas J. "Buddy", A Boston police officer for 20 years, married Sally Golden on October 20, 1956. They had:

Thomas Michael

Louise Marie married Stephen T. Baryski. They had two children:

Lauren Elizabeth

Michael Stephen

Joseph Edward

Patricia Anne married Michael Furey. They have a son:

Brian William

and a daughter

Leigh Anne married Paul A.Fitzgerald. They had a son:

Sean Patrick

and a daughter

Paul David

Daughters Louise and Leigh Ann both became policewomen. "Buddy" died in January,1995.

Walter married Helen G. Cassidy. They had six daughters:

Anne married Walter Reed. They had three children:

Melissa who had two sons:

Derek Wisniewski

Matthew Wisniewski



Maryanne married first married Charles Cannata. They had a son:


Maryanne then married James Rooney. They had two children:




Dianne married Brian Bellew. They had two children:



Diane married again to Richie Gale and they had two children:



Joanne married Mark Czyrklis

Carolanne married Patrick McDonnell. They had two children:



Theresa E. married James R. Troy and had two children:

Beverly married Steven Camerano. They had three children:



Mary Alyce

Edward J.

Anna married Ralph McDonald, they had no children.

IV. Catherine Moran "Aunt Kate" never married. She was somewhat of a famous cook and worked for many prominent familes including: Howard Johnson, Lydie Pickham, Boston Mayor James Michael Curley and the Kennedys (Joseph and Rose). She travelled with the Kennedys to their summer homes. When Joseph Kennedy became ambassdor to England they asked Catherine Moran to go with them as a part of the household. She declined.

It was Aunt Kate who would come to the Patrick John and Bridget Moran household when Bridget was in the hospital with a new addition. The children remember her as being very strict and.... generous. She would go to the store and bring home "goodies", something she also did on her visits. When the Moran daughters of Patrick and Bridget were a little older (10 - 12), Catherine "Aunt Kate" Moran would take them on special trips into town for a movie and lunch, a real treat!

III. John Patrick Moran, born June18, 1879, in Carrowkeel. He was the second son to be named John, the first having died as an infant. The name obviously was important to the family. John Moran emigrated from Ireland with his sister Catherine (above). They went by train from Ballina to the port of Cobh. On the train with them from Ballina was Patrick Anthony Dowd and his seventeen year old daughter, Bridget Agnes Dowd.

Mr. Dowd was famous in Mayo for more than one reason. He had emigrated many years earlier and was working in construction in Chicago. While working on a tall building in Chicago, Patrick Dowd fell. He was hurt very badly and returned to the family farm in Carrakerribly near Attymas, Ireland, not far from Carrowkeel, a cripple on crutches. He taught his children and the other children of the village how to read and write. He was strong in his faith and took it upon himself to hide the priest in his barn whenever he came to say Mass for those in his area. Such was his faith that later in life he went on his crutches to the Shrine to Our Lady of Knock and was cured. His crutches hung on the wall of the shrine as a testament to his miracle.

Patrick Dowd was not emigrating to America that summer in 1901. He was escorting his daughter to the ship. During the train ride to Cobh the Dowds and the Morans got along famously so that when Patrick Dowd was saying goodbye to his daughter he turned to the Morans and asked them to see that she was safely in the hands of her aunt Mary Fleming who was to meet her in Boston harbor. The Morans happily agreed and they and Bridget Agnes, known as Agnes, went aboard the ship.

When the ship arrived in Boston, Patrick John Moran, John and Catherine's older brother was there to meet them, but there was no sign of Agnes' aunt. After waiting for some time, the Morans took Agnes Dowd to their Aunt Mary's in South Boston until they could find where her aunt lived. And so John Patrick Moran parted from his traveling companion who had come with him and his sister all the way from Mayo. After a time, John Moran went to look for Agnes and then courted her for three years. They married at St. James church in Boston, Massachusetts on April 22, 1906. Agnes' aunt, Mary "Molly" Fleming, was a witness as was John's brother Patrick John Moran.

John Patrick Moran

He worked as a longshoreman and then thirty eight years for the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company. He helped lay the telephone cable in Boston Harbor. In fact, he shared with one other person, the honor of putting down the first of the Atlantic cable.

John (Anthony) Francis, born February 4, 1907, married Dorothy Hagan on February 21, 1939 at St. Marks Church in Dorchester. John Moran, Jr. was a salesman most of his life. They had two children:

Regina, born February 1, 1942, married Robert Thomasen they have a son:

Keith, born July 3, 1970

Regina divorced and married Robert Holland, who had several children.

John F. Jr., born September 8, 1944 was a United States Marine who served with distinction in the Viet Nam war. He married Patricia Neidemeyer. After his military service, Joh Moran was a Master Plumber and then switched gears and attended Catholic University of America School of Nursing specializing in emergency and trauma situations. John and Pat had two children:


Katey Perkins

Mary Margaret, born May 10, 1909, never married. She worked for the Gillette help support the family during the war years when the brothers were all in the service. She stayed there 31 years.

James Patrick born September 27, 1912, married Dorothy Dwyer. He graduated from Holy Cross College where he played football and was chosen as an All-American. He played professionaly for the Washington Redskins. He was named to the Boston College High School and Holy Cross College Hall of Fames. James and Dorothy, also a college graduate (from D'Youville College, New York) They had:

James Patrick. Jr., born May 17, 1945, is a former two term Mayor of Alexandria. Va. and since 1991, a U. S. Congressman. He married Mary Ellen Craig and had two children:

James Edward, born October 20, 1968, who married Angela Coffman. They have two children:

Keira Elise, born January 2, 1995

Leia Marie, born May 9, 1996

Mary Elise, born January 10, 1971, has a son: Grayson Lee Bowie-Moran. Mary Elise assisted this genealogy by helping with her family (John Patrick Moran) and sharing documents she obtained from Ireland.


James Patrick II divorced and married Marjellen Howard in 1988. Mary's son, Michael, lives with them and their two children:




Dorothy Kathleen


(Dorothy) Ann, born April 25, 1947, married Gary Fullmer March 18, 1971. They had two children:




John Francis, born October 21, 1948, married Paula Bibo. John was elected a Selectman of Natick, Massachusett. They have two children:

Jennifer Elena, born June 19, 1976.

Margret Elizabeth, born August 14, 1979


Mary Ellen, born November 27, 1949, married Edward Siudut on August 5, 1971. Edward palyed professional basketball and was a Peace Corps Volunteer (Venezuela 1971-1973). They have four children:

Mariellen Heidi, who was born in Venezuela on February 1, 1974

Edward Francis, Jr. was born July 25, 1975

Dorothy Bragina was born June 7, 1979

Patricia Helen was born January 2, 1981

Kevin, born in Natick, MA June 21, 1952 married Linda Drake on July 27, 1976. They had six children:



Kerrie, born October 1. 1983

Meghan, born March 5, 1985

Molly, born July 10, 1986

Kevin, born August 5, 1988

Paul, born November 17, 1954 in Natick, MA., married Julie Taylor an attorney from Framingham, MA on May 14, 1983. They had three children:

Kathleen, "Katey"



Brian, born in Natick on September 9, 1959, became an Assitant Disitrict Attorney in Washington D. C. and a representative of the Virginia Assembly in 1996. He married Karyn Kranz May 31, 1997.


Joseph Michael, born October 16, 1914, married Louise O'Connor. They had three children:

Michelle, who became a nurse, was born September 23, 1943. She married Charles Farrell October 7, 1967. They have two children:

Meghan, a graduate of Notre Dame, 1975

Brendan, a graduate of Wentworth Institute, 1974

Francis, born February 14, 1944, served in Viet Nam. He was a court reporter and youth counselor and never married.

Joseph, twin of Francis, married Stephanie Morgan and served in the Massachusetts State House. They had three sons:

Joseph P.


Michael George

Helen Rita, born September 4, 1916, became Sister Francis Vincent of the Sisters of Charity, Halifax. She retained her family name later. Sister Helen Rita taught Elementary School for ten years and High School for 24 years. She was several times Principal. In her last years before retiring in 1995, Sister served as a counselor for 13 years at Monsignor Ryan High School in Dorchester. Sister Helen Rita helped greatly in the preparation of this genealogy by providing information on her family.

Thomas Edmund, born August 23, 1918 and another "Up The Street" Moran who became an All American in football. Thomas played for Boston College. He played in the 1942 Sugar Bowl game. His football and studies were interrupted by WWII. Thomas was sent to the Pacific where he commanded PT 128 as a Lieutenant. Thomas became an educator and coach. Thomas married Dorothy Barry on August 30, 1947. They had five sons:

Thomas, Jr., born December 22, 1949, was a teacher in the Boston School system when it erupted with racial tension in the early seventies. He moved to Londonderry, N.H. where he works for the school system. He married Diane Corazzin, a graduate of Lesley College. She is a teacher in the Londonderry schools. They have two children:

Elizabeth, who graduates from Boston University in 2000


Gerard Patrick, born May 11, 1951, a graduate of the University of New Hampshire where he met his wife, Paula Smyth. Paula is a lecturer and does sales, public relations and workshops for Harvard Medical Corp. Gerard is a supervisor at Federal Express. They have two children:

Katey, who graduated in 1999 from Syracuse University


Francis Vincent, now the Vice President of the Bank of Boston, was born April 25, 1952. He married Kathleen Arthur of Milton, MA on October 10, 1978. They have two children:



Paul, a West Point graduate, born January 14, 1954. After the military, Paul became a supervisor for the Chemical Corporation in Detroit, Michigan. He married Ruth Hickey, a Registered Nurse, of Quincy, Massachusetts on June 20, 1975. They have two children:



Richard, born May 29, 1955, graduated from Curry College. He was an athlete playing football and hockey and earned a black belt in karate. Richard's degree was in Special Needs and he worked with emotionally disturbed children for 20 years. He married Elaine Bell of Hyde Park June 24, 1979 and they have four sons:



Richard, born in 1985

Patrick, born in 1987

Thomas John Moran, born March, 1998


Francis Xavier, born April 28, 1921, his education at Boston College was interrupted by WWII and he served in the Pacific in the New Guinea area. Getting back after the war he resumed his education getting a B.A. in Economics and then went on to enroll in the Boston College Law school. He became a lawyer who specialized in labor, trial and construction law. He married Dorothy Culpin. They had no children. He died in November, 1992.

Paul Vincent, born March 23, 1922 died a year later of pneumonia.

II. John Moran died an infant.

I. Patrick John Moran

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