My ancestry is all Irish as far back as I can go. The Monagles and Keenans did stop off on Prince Edward Island,Canada before coming to the United States.

There is a little more known in both the Moran and Monagle sides: on the right hand side of the chart, in the middle, Michael Gallagher's parents were Anthony Gallagher and Ann COSGROVE; in the bottom right hand side of the chart, the parents of Robert Foran were Mark Foran and Bridget LEE. The parents of Mary O'Neil were William O'Neil and Mary MADDOX.The father of Mary Caden is agreed to be Patrick Caden but there is some discussion whether her mother was Maria or Bridget Merrick with most of the evidence saying it was Bridget. Bridget's parents were John Merrick and Catherine Noone and John Merrick's father is known to be most probably Peter Merrick.

The earliest this chart can be reasonably traced back is the 1820's. That would be the probable birth dates of the last people mentioned. With supposition as explained in the text we can reach back to a little earlier with the Morans based on land records that show the father of Michael Moran, who married Maria Lynskey, was possibly a John Moran who registered the birth of his daughter in 1832. If John was at the youngest, say 18, that would take the earliest date back to 1814 and further, dependent on how old John was in 1832. If he were 30 then the year he was born would be 1802.

That means we can almost account for 200 years of direct descendants.

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