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A Selected Bibliography of MHI Sources

NOTE: Approx. 16,000 Americans became prisoners of the Japanese.


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Jap procedures.

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Intended for relatives of US prisoners. Incls notes on various camps in both Ger and Jap.

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Australians in captivity. See Chaps 3?6.

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Lists of POW and civilian internee camps of the Japanese, Pt I, pp. 4?7.

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Incls lists of camps with concise data on many; see pp. 45?100 on Jap sites.

POWs of Japan p.2

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See Chap XII and pp. 267?69.

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pp. 343?47 & 515?17 D805A2M37..

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Articles and excerpts.

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See Chap IV, "Relief of Prisoners and Internees."

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Monthly totals of US POWs held by Jap; highest = 20,079, Sep 1944.

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2?vol pub index/guide on file, too.

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Lists all Jap comps, pp. 131-65.

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List of Jap camp rcds, pp. 57-70.

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Senate data on each camp.

POWs of Japan p.3



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B?29's drop relief supplies on Allied POW camps, Japan, Aug 1945.

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Entire issue devoted to Australians as POWs.

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By an operative of US intell unit that promoted POW escapes.

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pp. 16?23 & (Jan 1981): pp. 43?49. Per.
Capture and imprisonment of island's defenders.

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1946. 55 p. D767A37.
Evasion and escape training, rescue planning & intell gathering unit.

POWs of Japan p.4

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See Secs IV-VI.

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maps. U225E92.

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Briefing for Allied personnel in danger of capture.

Vance, Jonathan F. Objects of Concern: Canadian Prisoners of War Through The Twentieth Century. Vancouver: UBC, 1994. 320 p. JX5141V36.
See Chap 7

See also:
- "Bataan Death March" (Phil-WWII)




Abraham, Theodore A., Jr. "Do You Understand, Huh?" A POW's Lament, 1941-45. Manhattan, KS: Sunflower U, 1992. 237 p. PZ4A26Do.
Civilian captured on Wake uses fictional approach.

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Cpt, 31st Inf, at O'Donnell & Bilibid.

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Captured pilot.

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Corregidor to Bilibid.

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Captured in North China 1941.

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In PI & Japan.

POWs of Japan p.5

Bodine, Roy L. No Place For Kindness: The Prisoner of War Diary of Roy L. Bodine.
Ft Sam Houston, TX: Fort Museum, 1983. 51 p. D805J3B62.
Officer captured on Bataan and imprisoned at Cabanatuan, recorded his 1944-45 transfer to Japan and Korea.

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Chaplain (Apr?May 1946). 10 p. MiscFiles?POWs.
Chaplain activities in POW camps.

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Marine captured on Guam, Dec 1941, and imprisoned in Camp Osaka #1, Japan.

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Col captured in PI, 1942, & imprisoned in various camps in Formosa and Manchuria.

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Camp O'Donnell, PI, & Camp Roku Roshi, Japan.

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Imprisoned on PI, then Formosa.

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1980. 546 p. D805J3C76.
American woman PI.

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450 p. D805J3D38.
Anecdotal by subject, time & place.

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Sailor, U.S.S. Houston, in Indochina.

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In PI, O'Donnell and Cabanatuan.

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PI & Japan.

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Bataan, O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Japan.
POWs of Japan p.6

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Texas guardsman captured in Java & interned in Japan.

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Participants in Doolittle Raid (Feb 42).

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Medical officer in PI.

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Experiences near River Kwai.

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MD: Naval Inst Pr, 1997. 274 p. D805J3G73.1997.
Manila to Tokyo.

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pp. 52?55 & 177?80. MiscFiles-POWs.
Survived "hell ship" sinking enroute from PI to Japan.

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Marine guard in N. China who was captured in PI.

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By longtime evader then POW.

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312 p. D802B8H54.
See Chap 13 on his imprisonment in Manchuria.

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O'Donnell & Bilibid in PI, plus Japan.

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Captured on Bataan.

POWs of Japan p.7

Jacobs, Eugene C. "Diary of a Hell?Ship Journey." Reprint from Medical Opinion and Rev 6 (Nov 1970): pp. 66?79. MiscFiles-POWs.
Enroute to Japan, Dec 44?Jan 45, & attacked by US aircraft enroute.

. "Memoirs of a Medical POW." Reprint from Military Medicine 135 (Nov 1970):
pp. 991?97. MiscFiles-POWs.
PI, 1942?44.

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McFarland, 1992. 120 p. D805J3J66.

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Chaplain Robert P. Taylor, in PI.

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Witnessed massacre of 150 Amer POWs on Palawan, 14 Dec 1944.

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Oral hists of 70 survivors.

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Officer in O'Donnell, Cabanatuan, Davao, and Japan. Lists 1607 POWs aboard "hell ships," App II.

"Lieutenant Davis, an Army Nurse, Relates Her Experiences as an Internee in a Japanese Prison Camp." Army Life 26 (Nov 1944): pp. 14?15. Per.

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Richard C. Mallonee. San Rafael, CA: Presidio, 1980. 204 p. D767.4M34.
See Chaps 3?4; also see his unpub reminiscences, Arch.

Martin, Adrian R. Brothers from Bataan: POWs, 1942?45. Manhattan, KS: Sunflower, 1992.
334 p. D805P6M37.
Held at Cabanatuan (Chap 8), Las Pinas (Chap 9) & Hanawa, Jap (Chap 10).

McBrayer, James D., Jr. Escape! Memoir of a WWI Marine... Jefferson: McFarland, 1995.
224 p. DS777.53l5M42.
In China; joined communist guerrillas.

POWs of Japan p.8

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On Bataan and Corregidor.

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Cabanatuan, Davao, and Bilibid, PI.

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Held in Malaybalay and Davao camps.

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Bataan Death March.

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Captured on Bataan, escaped after 2 yrs, then became missionary in Asia.

Navajos and World War II. Tsaile, Navajo Nation, AZ: Navajo Community College, 1977. 153 p. D810I5N38.
Incls firsthand accounts by Amer Indians as POWs, pp. 11?46, 86?96 & 123?28.

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Wisc Mag of Hist 63 (Atm 1979): pp. 2?35. Per.
At Cabanatuan, PI.

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Fiction based on personal experience.

. O'Donnell: Andersonville of the Pacific. n.p., 1985. 249 p. D805P5O4.
By inmate.

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Phil & Manchuria.

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April 9, 1942 to September 17, 1945. NY: Vantage, 1977. 331 p. D805J3Q56.
In PI, Formosa and Manchuria.

. "Life in a Japanese Prisoner of War Camp." Mil Rev 26 (Jul 1946): pp. 6?10. Per.
Chiefly Shira Kawa, Formosa; also Japan.

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POWs of Japan p.9

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Held in China.

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Captured in PI; ended in Japan.

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In PI, Formosa and Japan.

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220 p. D805P6T47.
Member of 192d Tk Bn.

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Captured and held in Japan.

Wright, John M., Jr. Captured on Corregidor: Diary of an American P.O.W. in World War II. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 1988. 181 p. D805P6W46.


See also:
- "Civilian Internees" (POW-WWII)



Beebe, Lewis - memoirs.

POWs of Japan p.10

Braddock, William H. - memoir about detention in Japanese prison camps in the Philippines, Formosa, and Manchuria, plus booklet of poems written as POW.

Braly, William C. - personal diary, 8 Dec 1941?27 Mar 1942, and correspondence with his wife while a POW; also reminiscences and anecdotes of POW life (34 notebooks in all).

Chynoweth, Bradford G. - correspondence and notes.

Edmands, Howard J. - reminiscences written while captive.

Frank, Mary E.V. "The Forgotten POW: Second Lieutenant Reba Z. Whittle." Student paper,
AWC Feb 1990. 42 p. Arch.
One of the 84 nurses (68 Army, 16 Navy) captured.

Gallion, George. - diary, Mar?Dec 44, of private.

Gard, Dwight. - diary, 1944?45, plus reminiscences & wartime papers of Society for Relief of Americans in the Philippines.

Johnson, Harold K. - diary, 41?44, & oral hist recollections, 1941?45.

Lawrence, Charles S. - log of prison life.

Lilly, Edmund S. - recollections.

Mallonee, Richard C. - reminiscences.

Mitchell, Eugene. - diary, 41?42, and memoirs, 41?45.

Mittenthal, Harry H. - statement on imprisonment in PI, Formosa and Japan, plus sinking of prison ship Okyoku Maru, 15 Dec 44.

Moore, Dennis M. - diary.

Moore, George F. - report of wartime service & of initial experiences in captivity, Feb 1941 ?
May 1942.

Owen, William H. - notes, diaries, & articles on Cabanatuan and Bilibid camps, PI, 43?45.

Pierce, Clinton. - wartime letters and papers.

U.S. Army Center of Mil Hist. World War II. "Army Nurse Corps POW of the Japanese". Oral hist project, 1983?84. Transcripts ca 300 p. Arch.

Wohlfeld, Mark M. - reminiscences by NCO et al, PI, 3 bxs.

POWs of Japan p.11


See also:
Louis Morton Files, OCMH Coll, Arch.
Source material used in writing Fall of the Philippines for USAWWII series incls personal papers of officers and enlisted men who participated in that campaign, some of which cover captivity, esp shortly after surrender.

Santo Tomas Internment Camp. Executive Committee. Papers. Most dated 1942. 200 p.



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In Singapore and Burma.

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Diary of Australian sergeant from the fall of Singapore through the Burma POW camps.

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In Japan 1943?45.

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Australian POW w/camera in Burma, 1943.

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Entertainment by Aus POWs in Burma?Siam.

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Aussie POW who underwent atomic bombing.

. Twilight Liberation: Australian Prisoners of War Between Hiroshima and Home. Boston: Allen & Unwin, 1985. 165 p. D805J3C543.

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POWs of Japan p.12

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New Zealander.

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Aussies in Japan, 1944?45; see last 5 chaps.

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Ed from official hist.

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See esp Chap XXIII.

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In Burma and Thailand.

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See index.

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His final year in Japan.

Simons, Jessie E. While History Passed. Melbourne: Heinemann, 1954. 131 p. D805J3S5.
Australian nurses.

Singh, Rajendra. Post War Occupation Forces: Japan & South?East Asia. In Official History of the
Indian Armed Forces in the Second World War series. Kanpur: Orient Longmans, 1958. DS889S57.
See esp Chap XIII.

Summons, Walter Irvine. Twice Their Prisoner. Melbourne: Oxford U, 1946. 193 p. D805J3S94.

Van der Post, Laurens. The Prisoner and the Bomb. NY: Morrow, 1971. 152 p. D805J4V34.
POW in Java.

Warner, Denis. "Surviving The Flash." MHQ 7 (Spg 1995): pp. 82-85. Per.
Australian POWs in Nagasaki.


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