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This Status Page is where you will find a list of what is being worked on that will soon or has recently been posted to the site.

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Moran Genealogy:

My Moran family and many other Moran family genealogy or information The other Moran family genealogies and/or information were found during my research that turned out to not be my family but are being shared in case they are someone's acessing the website. These families are found in the Appendix: Other Morans.

Appendix additions about Moran Coats Of Arms, Hispanic Morans, the Black Irish, Moor Morans and Celtic Tribes are also available.

I keep adding any Moran family genealogies I find on the net, with proper crediting to the authors. Check the monthly newsletter for the latest additionms.

I also keep adding any graphics from Moran websites I find.

Other changes will be added as corrections are offered or "finds" are made though these are now few and far between.

My Moran DNA analysis is available

Celtic Connection

Cleaning up the pages with respect to missing letters in words, adding some new graphics and text.

Some new graphics have been added and some black and white graphics colorized.












The full text of my book AEROPLANES VOUGHT and the softback version, THE CORSAIR AND OTHER AEROPLANES VOUGHT is now available on the website. New material not in the book (s) has been posted. There are several pictures of early aircraft, not necessarily just Vought aircraft, that will be of interest to those of you interested in early aviation.

There is a new section entitled VOUGHT NOUGHT that covers aircraft shown on the internet as Vought aircraft that are not products of the company

Miscellany -

New additions to Wake Island section including a history of the Morris Knudsen Company.

New photos of flowers in my garden.

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